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  1. AuldDragon says:

    A few updates and thoughts.

    Eadro – Mermen*, locathah*, crabmen, shalarin, sirines
    I forgot about Kna. They always seemed to be an offshoot of Locathah to me.

    Remnis – Giant Eagles*, aarakocra, avariel
    Syranita – Aarakocra*, avariel
    Kenku should probably be added to both of these. Maybe wereravens, too (they’re good, IIRC)

    Bahamut – Gold, silver, bronze, steel dragons
    Cegilune – Hags
    Bahamut should definitely have human worshippers, and I think Cegilune would too.

    Skerrit – Centaurs, pegataurs, chevalls, hybsils
    I noticed specific references to satyrs and wood elves, so they should be added. Korred, too, probably. Anyone know of any other centaur-like creatures that should be added?

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