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I use to get phentermine cheap in Mexico as well but the last time I went the pharmacy told me things have changed and now you need a prescription. Phentermine 30mg (Disebsin Fentermina -mexican spelling) is available in Mexico, however you will need to find someone who will sell it to you. If you speak spanish your chances are greater. Phentermine is only to be used only for a short period of time(90 days) it can cause heart problems.

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  1. Papercut says:

    Don’t forget the Planescape book On Hallowed Ground. It is said to be a much better reference than L&L, although it does not have specialty priests (I believe).

  2. AuldDragon says:


    Yeah, I have that book, and will be using it for many of the deities, and no, it has no specialty priest information. The best thing about it is that includes information on the 1st ed pantheons that were not included in the 2nd ed Legends & Lore, such as the Finnish pantheon.

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