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  1. Always good to see another entry from you!

    I had a question regarding the inclusion of “Mars” as a deity. Insofar as I’m aware, save for one or two instances in Dragon magazine, every reference to this deity has used his Greek incarnation, Ares. Why use the Roman appellation here?

    • AuldDragon says:

      Mars and Ares are very different in personality. Ares is somewhat villainous, while Mars is heroic and connected to agriculture in addition to war. They really should be different deities. Syncretism (applying the attributes of one deity to another and calling them the same) is responsible for the similarities, as well as the general lack of a detailed Roman mythology (and what there was being replaced by the Greek mythology). When I get around to the real-world mythologies, I’ll be separating out the Roman gods who are genuinely different than Greek counterparts.

  2. […] These ships are especially popular with frost giant followers of the Demon Prince of Wrath, Kostchtchie, who grants his priests abilities that allow them to control white dragons better than followers of […]

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