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  1. Very nice stuff! The “elemental parallelism” is often seen as burdensome when it comes to the myriad quasi- and paraelementals, but nevertheless it’s there, and these spells deserve to be written.

    Thanks for taking the time to do so and post them!

  2. Barastir says:

    Nice spells, Jeff! Don’t you think they could be also part of the basic elemental scholls (air, earth, fire and water) more closely related to them?

  3. Barastir says:

    After I posted my comment I remembered they are priest and not wizard spells, you are right.

    Another question: don’t you think that the lightning comjuration should, when calling a shocker, have the same chance of calling a sojourner or a contended one, as per the description of the creture in the Planescape Compendium III?

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