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  1. Bet your last dollar that this guy is popular with Reds . . . and the more secretive Copper. LOL

  2. Wayfinder says:

    Under Special Attacks/Defenses, you mention Task doesn’t want something gemstone-studded damaged. I think you meant to say his gemstone-studded hide? Or scales?
    Anyway, fantastic write-ip, and I especially love all of the potential intrigues he has going on with/against numerous gods!

    • AuldDragon says:

      Thanks for taking a look, and taking the time to ask a question! With regards to that element of the description, I mean Task doesn’t want to damage valuable jewels or other items with gemstones (magical armor with gems, dagger with a ruby for a pommel, etc.) carried by creatures he faces in battle, because of his lust for such items. He’ll prefer using attacks that keep them intact while killing their owners.

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