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  1. Silvio says:

    Good entry. I’ve noticed you ended up using human avatars similar to Paladine’s… Will you review Tiamat’s entry mentioning Takhisis? As for the alliance with Marduk in the Realms, I thought you would mention it. Why no, or there is a more general mention I missed? A great job anyway, congratulations!

    • AuldDragon says:

      I’m pretty sure I mentioned Takhisis in the Tiamat entry in much the same way I did with Bahamut (as a mystery between the two), but I do plan to review and revise Tiamat a bit. Only two of the three example humanoid avatars were drawn directly from Paladine, the wizard form was always Bahamut’s. As for Marduk, that mostly came about with the 3rd Ed and later “syncretize everything with anything on the loosest connections” trend that I dislike, so I didn’t make mention of it.

      • Barastir says:

        I’ve checked it out, and yes, you mentioned Takhisis, although the mentioned was more timid. Anyway, I wanted to know if a more elaborate mention would come.

      • Barastir says:

        As for Bahamut’s original avatar, I remember him bring a wizard, but not a befuddled and forgetful one – traits which remind me of Fizban.

        • AuldDragon says:

          I drew the befuddled part from Paladine. It’s not that far from his description as a “harmless old man” though. Powers & Pantheons set a precident by incorporating Takhisis’s Dark Lady aspect.

          I haven’t done the revisions to Tiamat yet, so I don’t know what I will be rewriting or expanding.

      • Barastir says:

        Just one more thing, I thought the Marduk connection was in Powers and Pantheons… But you are probably right. And yes, I also dislike this syncretization trend from the last editions. Although I did it in a way, in my version of Remnis…

        • AuldDragon says:

          Marduk is mentioned in the second paragraph of Tiamat’s entry, while Bahamut isn’t mentioned until the sixth paragraph (he wasn’t relevant to her Realmsian incarnation until then). Bahamut isn’t mentioned at all in the preface to the Mulhorandi Pantheon section.

  2. Barastir says:

    Auld Dragon, have you noticed Bahamut apparently has a diferente breath weapon in its Monster Mythology entry? It seems to be a fire cone dealing 22d20+22 points of damage. Will you considerar it, or have you chosen to ignore it? If só, for what reason?

    • AuldDragon says:

      I believe that’s an error of omission in DMGR4. Bahamut has always had a cold breath, and the entry doesn’t specify what his breath actually is, so I think overzealous editing cut that out (possibly because of the cone of cold reference in the mention of the sonic disintegration). I think Monster Mythology went overboard with some of the breath weapon damage, physical damage, and movement speed for many of the draconic avatars, so I drew more from Bahamut’s stats in the Draconomicon.

  3. Barastir says:

    It mentions a breath similar to a gold great wyrm, that’s why I see it as fire. I’m not sure if it was a deliberate change for a more classic dragon breath or if it was an omission or mistake, but I think the damage is for the breath weapon which causes this kind of harm (hit points). Anyway, I understand your choice.

  4. Jedi says:

    Thank you!!!

    I recently had a wizard in my group, who years ago through a boon of Bahamut became a bronze dragon… yes I know, however for years he never embraced Bahamut. All the sudden he came to the realization that he could be a priestly wizard, so now Bahamut is going to require him to do things. I was having to do the write ups because I do deep research and you did all my work – THANK YOU!!!!

    I was actually melding the aspects of Paladine and Bahamut since our world is a mix of Krynn refugees and people from across the realms… So GREAT ideas. Now I am wondering if Bahamut should be able to take the form of Marduk as well???

    • AuldDragon says:

      Glad you’ve found it useful! :)

      I don’t consider Bahamut and Marduk to be related; for one thing, that connection came after 2nd Edition, which is what I based my write-up on, and it was solely because of opposition to Tiamat. Considering Tiamat in D&D is nothing like Tiamat in Mesopotamian mythology.

  5. ShanPig says:

    Your work is great!
    I’d like to translate your blog articles into chinese. Can I get your permission?

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