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So I was doing some cleaning up, and I found my collection of Dragon Dice, a collectible/trading dice game TSR published back in the mid 90s. It was an attempt to get into the market dominated by Magic: The Gathering, but with something different (they were also trying with their own card games, such as Spellfire and Blood War). What makes Dragon Dice especially famous is that the head of TSR at the time tried to get a cheaper price from the manufacturer (as the first run of 35,000 sets sold out entirely at GenCon), and they would only do so with a large order…of one million sets (not dice, *sets,* which consisted of a good number of dice each, and it was the starter pack, not the expansion packs).

Needless to say they couldn’t actually sell that much, and it was a contributing factor to the downfall of TSR. I learned since I found my dice that they are still being sold; apparently another company is still selling the sets, which are apparently from that enormous run (they purchased the surplus when WotC was going to landfill them).

All of that is to segue into me trying to sell my collection, which you can see here:
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Full list of the individual dice below the cut.

1 Carrion Crawler
1 Minor Death
1 Skeletal Steed
2 Vampires
1 Lich
1 Ghost
1 Heucuva
1 Wight
2 Revenants
2 Ghasts
2 Zombies
2 Ghouls
2 Wraiths
2 Skeletons
3 Apparitions

–Coral Elves–
1 Eagle Knight
3 Enchanters
1 Trooper
1 Archer
1 Conjurer
2 Couriers
2 Bowmen
2 Horsemen
2 Fighters
4 Guards

–Lava Elves–
1 Rakshasa
1 Necromancer
1 Conqueror
1 Duelist
1 Dead Shot
1 Scorpion Knight
2 Spider Riders
2 Fusiliers
1 Scout
1 Bladesman
1 Adept

1 Rhino-folk
1 Vulture-folk
1 Leopard-folk
1 Badger-folk
1 Weasel-folk
1 Antelope-folk
1 Falcon-folk
1 Lynx-folk

1 Salamander
2 Genies
2 Daybringers
1 Firestormer
1 Firemaster
1 Adventurer
1 Nightsbane
2 Sunflares
1 Explorer
1 Firestarter
2 Sunbursts
2 Shadowchasers
3 Guardians

1 Thaumaturgist
1 Marksman
1 Pony Rider
2 Crossbowmen
3 Theugists

1 Centaur
2 Hydras
1 Harbinger
1 Visionary
2 Envoys
1 Runner
1 Soldier
3 Charioteers

2 Deadeyes
1 Slingman
2 Cutthroats
1 Wardog Rider
2 Tricksters
3 Thugs

2 Death Dragonchamps
1 Water Dragonsteed
1 Water Dragonspy
2 Death Dragonsentries
1 Earth Dragonsentry
1 Earth Dragonmount
1 Water Dragonhero
1 Water Dragonmount
1 Air Dragonsentry
1 Fire Dragonsentry
3 Death Dragonscout
2 Death Dragontroop
2 Fire Dragontroop
2 Fire Dragonscout
2 Air Dragonfoal
1 Earth Dragontroop
1 Water Drake
1 Air Wyrm

1 Earth Flying Carpet
1 Fire Blade Golem
1 Fire Eyebiter
1 Fire Sight Stone
1 Fire Wooden Targe
1 Earth Seven League Boots
1 Earth Trueflyer
1 Air Wooden Targe
1 Water Speed Slippers
3 Death Eyebiter
1 Death Wooden Targe
1 Death Vorpal Sword

1 Swampland City
1 Highland Standing Stones
1 Highland Temple
1 Coastland City
1 Coastland Knoll
1 Highland Knoll
1 Coastland Bridge
1 Flatland Bridge

I’m not looking to sell individual pieces, only the whole set; best offer. Dice have already been sold, sorry!

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