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Flying through the skies of the upper planes is the Great Lord of the Eagles, Remnis. He is said to be the ultimate aerial hunter, and with his great eyesight, he spies out secrets throughout the planes. He perches on the heights of Mount Celestia and in the boughs of the World Tree Yggdrasil, awaiting the call to service. Buy Adipex Canada Online

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May 2, 2018

I’ve been rather busy this month and wasn’t able to complete a deity unfortunately, but for those looking for other AD&D things involving me, I appeared as a guest host on episode 141 of the THACO’s Hammer Podcast (I last appeared on episode 84). You can get the podcast on iTunes, or from Where Can I Buy Phentermine K 25.

In addition, for those unaware (since I don’t advertise it much here), I am currently running a 2nd Edition Spelljammer game that is Cheap Overnight Phentermine every Saturday at Noon Eastern Time (GMT-4 during the summer). Past broadcasts are available on my Buy Phentermine K25 Online in the Playlist category Can You Buy Phentermine In Australia.

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April 1, 2018

Shekinester, creator and queen of the nagas, is one of the most complex deities in the D&D multiverse. She has three distinct aspects, each representing a different alignment, with different portfolios of interest, but all elements of her overriding portfolio of Wisdom.

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March 1, 2018

It took me a little while to decide what exactly Eadro represented, as he was described simply as the patron of the merfolk and the locathah. I eventually decided that he represented the strong bonds of community that merfolk and locathah are characterized as having, and this makes him a good addition to the loose “pantheon” of good and neutral aquatic deities.

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February 1, 2018

Krocaa was introduced in Dragon #124 as the deity of the aarakocra. With DMGR4 Monster Mythology, however, he was replaced with Syranita. Combining the pair into a small pantheon required some alterations to his original characterization and dogma to make the pair synergize well, with Krocaa being more of an active defender than Syranita, with an additional emphasis on hunting.

Edit (Feb. 13): Reworked the Bones of Steel spell to be clearer on the effects. Order Cheap Phentermine Online

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January 1, 2018

Happy New Year everyone! The ascended tanar’ri lord Sess’innek, long ago tiring of the Blood War, turned to followers on the Prime Material Plane as another path to power. Seeing the general complacency of Semuanya, he has been slowly usurping that power’s authority over the lizard men with the creation and leadership of his chosen followers, the Lizard Kings. Medicine Online Phentermine

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December 1, 2017

Sekolah is the patron of the so-called Sea Devils, one of the greatest scourges of the deeps and the shallows. He did not create them, instead having adopted them as his chosen when he discovered them on one of his many great hunts among all the seas of the worlds, and molded them into the powerful and dangerous society they are today. Buy Adipex Malaysia

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November 1, 2017

The patron of the kenku is one of the more interesting deities in the AD&D game, because he’s not terribly comfortable having the responsibilities of godhood that have been thrust upon him. This isn’t exactly a rare situation, however; what makes Quorlinn different is that he was never a mortal like most of those who share those feelings. It creates a much more interesting deity, as does the merging of eastern and western elements that kenku represent. Can I Buy Phentermine Online Yahoo Answers

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October 1, 2017

Water Lion is an unusual and mysterious deity who wanders the planes for reasons unknown, although there are many theories about his purpose. He has only a small and dispersed following among the aquatic races, mostly loners and hunters. Real Phentermine 37.5 Online

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September 25, 2017

The Council of Wyrms campaign setting offered as a character option the half-dragon, a crossbreed of a demihuman and a dragon with natural shapechanging ability. Limited to half-gold, half-silver, and half-bronze in the campaign setting (as the dragons there were limited to the metallic, gem, and chromatic dragons). In Dragon Magazine #206, the options were expanded to Krynnish half-silvers, half-chiang lung, half-shen lung, half-Greyhawks, half-steels, half-deeps (aka Drow-Dragons), and half-irons. However, there were a handful of dragons left out of the selections, including the half-adamtite and half-radiant. Both were specifically left out of the selection for different reasons, but I was never satisfied with those reasons. Presented here is my take on the Half-Radiant Dragon, rare even compared to other half-dragons. See the Council of Wyrms set or issue #206 of Dragon Magazine for details on how fixed and discretionary abilities operate.

Half-Radiant Dragon
Worlds: SJ
Appearance: Normal half-dragon with pearly-white hair, lustrous white irises, pale skin with shimmering flecks.
Ability-score modifiers: +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity, −1 Wisdom, −1 Charisma.
Ability-score ranges: Str 6/19, Dex 6/19, Con 5/18, Int 3/18, Wis 3/17, Cha 3/17.
Alignment tendency: Any.
Allowable classes: Cleric/priest (14), fighter (10), mage (10), specialist—invoker (14), specialist—force mage (14), thief (11).
Discretionary abilities: Create/destroy air (1/day), Bigby’s interposing hand (1/day), Bigby’s grasping hand (1/day), wall of force (1/day), forcecage (1/day), dragon fear (once per day).
Fixed abilities: Claw attacks (1d6/1d6), breath weapon (pulses of magical force to a 20 foot range, 3d6 damage, usable twice per day; pulses can be divided between up to 3 targets. Successful save vs. breath for no damage.).
Average Height and Weight: Height: 78/74 + 2d8. Weight: 120/100 + 3d8.
Age: Starting age: 14 + 1d4 years. Maximum Age Range: 300 + 3d20. Middle Age: 150 years. Old Age: 200 years. Venerable: 300 years.
Thieving Skill Adjustments: PP —, OL −10%, F/RT −5%, MS +5%, HS +10%, DN +5%, CW —, RL +5%.

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