Cador the Shadow Knife

December 1, 2020

Cador is virtually unknown dwarven deity of revenge and hatred, not truly part of the Morndinsamman, but also acting as a dark reflection of the pantheon as a whole. He only shows up in a single 1st Edition adventure, Nigel Findley’s “Caermor” from Dungeon #2 (and reprinted in 2nd Edition’s Dungeon anthology release, “Dungeons of Despair”). I expanded upon the slight details there to make Cador a full-fledged deity.

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Panzuriel the Enslaver

January 1, 2019

Panzuriel is the evil of the depths, partially banished long ago by Deep Sashelas and an alliance of oceanic deities. He raises a rabble of followers wherever he can in order to lay waste to the civilizations on the sea floor, although his favored followers are the kraken and morkoth. Read the rest of this entry »