UGE Modules for Gold Box Games

As part of my celebration of reaching 250 subscribers on Youtube, I am posting the .mdl module files forUGE that I have created for the various Gold Box games that I have LP’d so far. As such, I have not included one for Treasures of the Savage Frontier or Dark Queen of Krynn (mainly because I can’t FIND them right now…). I will post them sometime after I LP them.

I have not included UGE itself, so you’ll have to google for it, but last time I looked, it wasn’t too hard to find. Put these modules in the same directory that the UGE executable is in, and remember, it is a DOS program, so you will need to run it in DOSBox. Important note: BACK UP YOUR SAVE FILES BEFORE MODIFYING THEM. This program makes immediate changes, so there is no “undo” or “revert” option. Also, these files tend to be VERY messy; so feel free to delete lines that you don’t think you’ll use. I also have not documented the variables and such yet, so have fun with Trial and Error.  :D  If anyone discovers additional important variables (I don’t need things like spells and such unless they are wrong, as they’re easy but tedious to figure out), feel free to let me know.

File Contents:
POOLRAD.MDL – Pool of Radiance character editor; use it with CHRDAT**.SAV files or *.CHA files.
PORCODE.MDL – Pool of Radiance code wheel word editor; use it with ST.EXE (and set them all to something like AAAAAA)
CURSE.MDL – Curse of the Azure Bonds character editor; use it with CHRDAT**.SAV files or *.CHA files
SECRET.MDL – Secret of the Silver Blades character editor; use it with CHRDAT**.SAV files or *.WHO files
POD.MDL – Pools of Darkness character editor; use it with CHRDAT**.SAV files or *.PC files
COK.MDL – Champions of Krynn character editor; use it with CHRDAT**.SAV files or *.WHO files
DKK.MDL – Death Knights of Krynn character editor; use it with CHRDAT**.GAM files or *.PC files
GATEWAY.MDL – Gateway to the Savage Frontier character editor; use it with CHRDAT**.SAV files or *.GUY files
XXVC.MDL – Buck Rogers (both Countdown to Doomsday and Matrix Cubed) character editor; use it with CHRDAT**.SAV files or *.WHO files

Happy Hacking!

22 Responses to UGE Modules for Gold Box Games

  1. Larris says:

    Wait, you can’t find your copies of DQK and TSF? =( And here I’ve been putting off watching the LPs leading up to those because I don’t like waiting for the final installment. But thanks for the modules! =)

    • AuldDragon says:

      No no, I can’t find the *UGE modules* for them, so I will have to re-create them when I LP the games. Never fear, I WILL be LPing both games!

  2. Cueball says:

    First off, thanks for these fine editors. I had no problems using them for Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, and Death Knights of Krynn, but now I’m finding this not to work with Secret of the Silver Blades.

    I’m using an uncracked version of the game (if that matters), but when I went to edit a character’s experience, the value listed said 20054016 despite the in-game experience at start being 202750. I also noticed that what appears to be the HP value (112 for a starting character) appears as Memorized Spell 002. (I tried changing that, and the maximum value for HP increased to the new value.)

    Update: I tried using the Curse of the Azure Bonds module for a Secret of the Silver Blades character, and the character information displayed the exact same values. Pool of Radiance’s module had nothing listed for the experience value, and when I decided to try Pools of Darkness’ module, and the experience value reads as 5781504.

    • AuldDragon says:

      Yeah, the SSB module is bad. I don’t think I checked it before uploading, and I don’t remember when I last worked on it. I need to redo it from scratch. I’d recommend using the search function to find the numbers you need, or do your editing before transferring from Azure Bonds.

      • Cueball says:

        I couldn’t get my Curse of the Azure Bonds party to transfer to SSB. :-( (I had to do them all from scratch ’cause I had a save game file get corrupted in Pool of Radiance, and I simply gave up.)

        As much as I’d rather edit characters with your UGE modules, I did find a hex editor on Google and (easy) hex editing instructions on Game FAQs in the meantime.

  3. Pete says:

    Hey, what field would we change to alter a character’s gender? I’m tried comparing characters in UGE, but I can’t find a difference.

    • AuldDragon says:

      I don’t seem to have discovered that variable. It should be easy to find if you create two characters who are essentially the same (same class, race, stats, etc.) but with different genders. IIRC from other games, Male should be a 0 and Female should be 1.

  4. Steve says:

    I’m having some trouble getting the strength right for cok. When I enter 18 for both the modifier and normal score it the strength shows 18. When I enter 100 for both it is 100. When I enter 18 for and 100 for the modifier the score shows 18 * in the game. I’ve tried entering for the modifier 00, 100, 79, 00/100, 100/100 but in game it always shows STR 18 *. Any suggestions?

    Great tutorials on youtube!

  5. Steve says:

    Never mind!:)

  6. Steve says:

    I have a question for fix the Girdle of the Dwarves
    Which file to modify in UGE, CHARX.sav, any others

    The Dwarf has a CH of 99 and cannot locate it

    • AuldDragon says:

      Charisma of 99? That shouldn’t be possible, and would have no in-game effects. Which file you modify depends on the game you’re playing.

  7. Randy says:

    How do I raise a dead character in CotAB with UGE? I’ve tried setting Character Status to 0 and increasing HP, but the character still shows up as dead/red titled (though with more than 0 hitpoints…)


    • AuldDragon says:

      If I remember correctly, you need to set the “Combat Status” flag to 1, I believe it is at offset 406. If that doesn’t work, do a comparison with another character, or that same character form a previous save, and look for a Zero where the other one has a 1.

  8. Mummy says:

    Sorry for the OT but nice site and nice work AuldDragon. Keep up the good work!

  9. LEXOS says:

    Hello Dear AuldDragon,
    Thanks for you POR Character module for UGE.
    I managed to change my half-elf level 5 cleric to a human (with no level restriction).
    However I can not seem to add that character back into Pool of Radiance. I did save the *.CHA back where I took it before modification.
    I am playing the GoG version on MACOs.
    I noticed the others characters I removed have *.ITM and *.SPC files next to the *.CHA file.
    What am I missing ?
    Thanks a lot !

  10. LEXOS says:

    Thanks for your POOLRAD module – I used it successfully to change my Level 5 Cleric into a Dwarf but managed to train it to Level 6 (was capped before as Half-Elf).
    You have been of tremendous help.
    Replaying this game 20 years later with Clue Book, hacks, cheat, online forums, it’s still pretty difficult !!!

  11. Rex says:

    Hi Auld Dragon. I don’t know if this is still an active project of yours or not but I am on a quest. I once had a copy of UGE back in the day and a handful of modules for it. It is my understanding that Jack Hartman, the creator of uge, disappeared from the internet many years ago and now his program is rare to find. I found it and now my quest is to find all of the old original modules. At one point there were at least 27 of them. Then I want to add to those original ones, all the newer modules such as your goldbox ones and once I’ve gathered them all I want to make them available to everyone and anyone who wants to try them. Do you know where I can find them? I’ve only found a tiny few websites with a module and they are dedicated to only one single module. Thank you

  12. Blade says:

    Did you ever get around to getting the UGE module for Treasures of the Savage Frontier?

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