Mad Mage Adaptation: The Cuttlefish

July 23, 2022

The Dungeon of the Mad Mage features a ship called the Cuttlefish, which is essentially just the Lamprey Ship deckplan, scaled to 10-foot squares and with tentacles on the front and different fins. So I thought, why don’t I write it up as a new 2e ship?

This is intended to be a new ship inspired by the one in Mad Mage, rather than a conversion. I’ve edited the original maps to be used as a deckplan, although ideally I would like to re-do them entirely to give it a better internal layout that is different from the original Lamprey Ship.

*Note: Stats below assume an additional cargo deck below the main deck.

Built By:  Illithids
Used Primarily By:  Humans, illithids, goblinkin
Cost:  40,000 gp
Tonnage:  40
Hull Points:  40
Crew:  10/40
Maneuverability Class:  D
Landing—Land:  No
Landing—Water:  Yes
Armor Rating:  5
Saves As:  Thick Wood
Power Type:  Series helm; lifejammer; major or minor helm
Ship’s Rating:  2–5 or as per helmsman
Standard Armament:  4 medium ballista (1-F, 1-FP, 1-FS, 1-A)
Cargo Capacity:  20 tons
Keel Length:  210′
Beam Length:  50′

Description:  A recent ship design of the illithids, the Cuttlefish uses a scaled up hull of a Lamprey Ship as the base, but with an additional cargo deck below the main deck. This vessel is primarily operated as a bulk cargo hauler, but many are favored by illithid pirates who have struck off on their own. An advantage this vessel has over the original Lamprey is that it is capable of landing in water, giving it a greater flexibility in where it can be used. The removal of the cone ram, and lessened maneuverability due to its increased bulk render it less useful as a warship, however.

Mythrien Sarath, the Watcher over Mythals

July 1, 2022

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