Nomog-Geaya the General

December 25, 2012

The last member of the goblin pantheon is the patron of the hobgoblins, Nomog-Geaya. A merciless combatant and commander, he is the perfect epitome of the ideal hobgoblin warrior. His priests are brutal and belligerent fighters, leading forces into battle at any opportunity. They are so well known for their rigid discipline that Nomog-Geaya has been known to punish those who show excessive emotion, even if it is from such spells as Tasha’s Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter. Enjoy!

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Yet More Gods

December 23, 2012

It’s funny how I keep stumbling across deities to add to my project. Just recently, I discovered a single line in Dungeon #2 (in Nigel Findley’s adventure Caermor) referring to an evil dwarven god of revenge (even to undeath) called Cador, so into my project he goes! Also, Dungeon #5 has an adventure surrounding followers of the ascended tanar’ri Shami-Amourae, the goddess of debased eros and so-called Queen of Succubi. Seems fitting considering the other demon princes in the project already.

I seem to have this incessant need to find MOAR GODS to add to the project. I’ve already added Grond Peaksmasher, a giantish demigod of firbolgs from the Moonshaes in the Forgotten Realms, Refnara the gnollish god of fear from Dungeon #48, Krocaa, an aarakocra god from one issue of Dragon (can’t recall which offhand), and of course the large expansion of draconic and centaur gods. Now I’m also considering a number of others. Anguileusis, the Anguillian god from Sea Devils Monstrous Arcana book, is one I’ll probably take on, even though I do not particularly like the god or the monsters who worship him; however, they are canonically in FR’s underdark. Then you’ve got the deities worshipped by grippli and grung; adding them could form the basis of a remnant amphibian/batrachian pantheon along with Ramenos. Of course, I’d have to come up with names for them, histories, relationships, etc. Then there is the deity worshipped by the squirrel-like kercpa, which is another god I’d need to name, and even Orcus himself. My fear with that last one is treading on toes or canon, since he has long been one of the popular great evils (and is mentioned in many products) in D&D history. There are a few others I’m considering, such as the Wise Queen of the K’r’r’r, an arachnid race from Spelljammer, the thri-kreen Mantis God of the Eternal Lotus, and the Vedic god of Rakshasas, Ravanna. Some pantheons have been mentioned but undetailed, which I am considering working on as well, such as the Neogi pantheon, the Dracon pantheon, and the Grommam pantheon. One problem with the latter two pantheons is that we know they exist, but that’s it; no individual gods are specified. Finally, there are a small number of 3rd edition gods I might add to the project, such as the drow god Keptolo and some of the new Elven gods from Races of the Wild; I’ve pretty much ruled out the gnomish gods, the halfling gods, and most of the dwarvish gods for various reasons such as unnecessary similarity to existing gods and unimaginative and/or apocryphal nature.

I’m interested in what others think of these gods, and if there’s been any other work done to expand some of these deities (the few I’ve searched for don’t seem to have had much published).

Meriadar the Patient One

December 10, 2012

Like Stalker, Meriadar is an outlier amongst the goblinoid deities. However, unlike that spiteful power, Meriadar has a race to call his own: the oft-enslaved mongrelmen. Through patience, tolerance, and understanding, he hopes to bring all the goblinoid races out from the shadow of evil. Enjoy!

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