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  1. Tonguespout says:

    Looking through some old Dragon Magazines and found this, suggesting that priests of Maglubiyet also receive immunity to fear at L5 (from Dragon #141):

    Goblins and hobgoblins
    Goblin and hobgoblin shamans both
    worship Maglubiyet in his giant goblin
    form. The deity treats both races in the
    same manner. At each monthly ceremony,
    these shamans must sacrifice the living
    hearts of two levels or hit dice worth of
    foes per level of the shaman. It is vital to
    note that these foes must possess souls
    (spirits of animal life energy will not do);
    the Mighty One accepts nothing less. Failure
    to give proper sacrifices causes the
    shaman’s spells and extra hit points to flee
    him in the next battle, never to return.
    [Humans, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and
    half-elves are assumed to have souls; elves,
    half-orcs, and other beings do not.]
    To gain levels, the shaman must sacrifice
    the still-beating heart of a human warrior
    of a level equal to or greater than that
    which the shaman hopes to gain. The
    sacrifice must have been personally
    defeated in combat by the shaman or by
    use of the shaman’s magic.
    Maglubiyet’s shamans may not use healing
    spells. This includes any spell with
    cure as part of its title, and includes neutralize
    poison as well. Goblin and hobgoblin
    shamans are free to use the reverses of
    these spells, as well as a few combat spells
    which Maglubiyet approves of: command,
    spiritual hammer, and sticks to snakes. In
    addition, those shamans who survive to
    5th level are granted immunity to fear
    even fear of a magical sort. It is said that
    the Mighty One absolutely refuses to see
    his shamans flee from fights.

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