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  1. ripvw says:

    3rd edition calls the Egyptian pantheon the “Pharoahnic” pantheon. refers to the Egyptian pantheon as “The Names of Netjer.”

    Roman: Imperial Pantheon.
    Indian: “He’s a member of the Vedic pantheon” is fine. Otherwise, you could call them the Devas. Collectively they might also be known as the Paramātman, or Universal Soul.
    Japanese: Kami
    “Jumala” is the Finnish word for god.
    Native American: Manitous

  2. ripvw says:

    “Gods of the Kalevala” could work for the Finns, too,

  3. AuldDragon says:


    What I’m looking for is a proper noun to refer to the deities, rather than “blahblahblah pantheon”. That’s why Vedic and Pharaonic don’t work; you can’t say “He is a Pharaonic” or “He is a member of the Pharaonic.” The Vedas are a series of literary works, so it’s akin to saying the saints are members of the “Bible Pantheon.” I have discovered the Egyptian word “Pesedjet,” which is a collective term (the Great Ennead is one), so I think I’ll use that.

    I also want to avoid using foreign words for “god/spirits/etc.” as the collective term, because that could be confusing to anyone trying to make a themed setting and wants to use authentic words.

    Imperial for Rome also doesn’t work because that could apply to any empire, plus there’s nothing actually imperial about the Roman gods.

    Kalevala is a literary title, but Wikipedia says it means “land of Kaleva”, so Kalevan COULD work. I’m going to research that word and see if I can determine whether it would be appropriate.

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