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  1. Barastir says:

    Direlords have a special power at 20th level. Don’t you think hobgoblins should have a level limit that would be lesser than 20? Besides, I don’t recall lesser gods conceding special powers to followers at so high a level. One more thing: F&A lesser power avatars usually have a higher magic resistance, don’t you think you should apply it to your entries?

    • AuldDragon says:

      Specialty Priests can continue to advance using the slow advancement rules, which is why I put that power in there. It is incredibly powerful, but also incredibly rare.

      I’ve never found a system to the MR changes in Demihuman Deities, so I left them alone.

      • Barastir says:

        Got it. I’ve only compared F&A series demi-, lesser, intermediate and greater powers, and their MR is usually higher than in Monster Mythology.

        • AuldDragon says:

          It’s pretty arbitrary, I think. Considering I don’t expect anyone to actually use an avatar, and instead look to it for a description of the god and additional manifestations/signs/etc., I’m not really that concerned.

          • Barastir says:

            As for being arbitrary, I’m not sure. I think it was deliberately done to raise the difference between mortals and avatars, just like increasing their class levels. But then again, it’s more my concern for having things written than any use I would have in a campaign, for I don’t intend to use avatars in my games.

          • AuldDragon says:

            I meant the specific number was arbitrary. I.e., why 75% rather than 80% or 70%? The general guideline was that they should be high, but the specific number seems arbitrary. There’s no system for the change from DMGR4 to DD, so I didn’t care to make any changes.

          • Barastir says:

            It seems there is a range, depending on the stature of the deity, no? I’m not sure, I’ve checked it a long time ago…

          • AuldDragon says:

            If there is, I never noticed, and I never took the effort to delve into it like I did for avatar levels.

      • Barastir says:

        Alright, then. As for the slow advancement rules, I agree, but which do you think would be the limit, for the slow advancememt start counting? In another site I’ve seen LL 13, would you use the Monster Mythology limits? Once again, I think at least some of these limits were revised for the demihuman priests, no?

        • AuldDragon says:

          Unfortunately, the level limits for specialty priests in Monster Mythology were (generally) used in the Complete Book of Humanoids for level limits for clerics. It opens up four possibilities:
          1. Use the PHBR10 cleric limits and add four for Specialty Priests.
          2. Use the DMGR4 limits for Specialty Priests and subtract 4 for clerics.
          3. Assume humanoids operate differently, and they can have equal limits for clerics and specialty priests.
          4. Throw it all out and start anew.

          I tend to lean towards option 2.

          Demihuman Deities codified the limits irregardless of deities, and dropped shamans for the demihumans. For example, the shaman-only priesthood for Fenmarel was replaced with a shaman-like specialty priest, meaning level limits of 16 rather than 7. Unlike a lot of the humanoids, though, almost all the demihuman deities in DMGR4 have the same level limits (cleric limit +4), probably because the cleric limits were set in the PHB. I believe only deities who were assumed to be NPC-only had level limits outside of the other maximum (Kiaransalee with a limit of 12 and Laduguer with a limit of 13, for example). Note that DMGR4 assumes these higher levels are only possible with high Wisdom scores; for example, the elven limit of 16 is for Wis 19+; 15 would be for Wis 18, 14 would be for Wis 16-17, 13 would be for Wis 13-14. Wis 12 or lower would match the Cleric level limit. And yes, they forgot where Wis 15 would fall.

  2. Barastir says:

    Just noticed that in the PDF version the 2nd level “command” power the priest name “war cleavers” was used, instead of “direlords. You probably corrected the online version, but forgot the PDF document.

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