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  1. Barastir says:

    Hi, auldragon! Happy New Year! Nice entry, but I have a question about the onefold wyrm’s 9th level granted power: the text says that “Use of this additional breath weapon counts towards the dragon’s normal usage limits for breath weapons.” But as far as I know, this limit count exists in 1e, for in 2e the only limit is that the breath can be used once in three rounds, no? Even though some 2e sources (like “Draconomicon”, I think) kept mentioning this limit…

    Besides, where can I find info on the world of Golot?

    • AuldDragon says:

      First Edition limited dragon breath to three times per day, and many people still keep that rule in 2nd Edition. 2nd Edition allows breath weapons to be used every three rounds with no upper limit, but Council of Wyrms follows the 1st Ed rules (and 2nd Edition rules), with an optional rule to get more uses. I worded it that way to fall within whatever rules a DM uses.

      Golot has a very brief mention in the Spelljammer adventure “Under the Dark Fist.” Here’s the full description of Golot and its sphere:

      The Golotians are humans with a culture not unlike that of Greyspace a few thousand years ago. The people are mystical and superstitious. Dragons and similar magical beasts rule the skies.

      Vulkaran has established an uneasy truce with the dragons of the planet, granting them freedom from his absolute rule over the system. The dragons administer the day-to-day operations of the society, like regional barons, while Vulkaran remains as overlord.

      Quite simply, he has a “reputation” among the dragons that keeps them at bay.

      Years ago, Vulkaran challenged the dragons to bring forth their greatest warrior if they wanted to end the deadly sky battles characteristic of Vuikaran’s invasion once and for all. Vulkaran defeated the red wyrm in single combat, right in front of the rest of the beasts.

      Ever since then, the dragons agree no one beast can take the Emperor, and no single dragon shows the leadership potential to gather the selfish dragon barons together. All the while, the people are made to suffer.

      Freeing this sphere from the clutch of evil involves more than just dealing with Vulkaran.

      I see Golot as a sort of merger of the Council of Wyrms rules and the Birthright realm rules.

  2. Barastir says:

    Another question: You’ve mentioned the “High Halls of Draconic Might” of Coliar and sais it was mentioned in Zorquan’s entry, but i didn’t find it there…

    • AuldDragon says:

      It was originally something I was going to include in Io’s entry, but while writing it up I felt it made more sense in Zorquan’s entry. I’ve updated Zorquan’s writeup with it now (thanks for asking, as I’d forgotten to do so even on my working copy).

  3. Barastir says:

    One more question: in a point, you say Io’s avatar is immune to “wishes that attempt to alter him directly”, and one example is “(i.e. a limited wish couldn’t wish him back to his home plane)”. This wish would not alter him, so you wanted to say “affect” instead of “alter”?

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