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  1. Barastir says:

    Happy New Year, man! I’ve seen some typos in the PDF, but nothing serious. Have only one question: where can I find the “Battle trident” 4th level spell? I think you missed this reference.

    • AuldDragon says:

      Thanks! Battle Trident is in the Priest’s Spell Compendium; it is mentioned under the “Sess’innekar Spells” section. If you could give the typos, I’d like to correct them.

    • Barastir says:

      Check the commas in the 2nd paragraph of the “Special att/def” in the avatar entry.
      In the first phrase of “Other manifestations”, an “i” is missing (very often In…).
      In the 4th line of “day-to-day activities” there is something I’m not sure is wrong: Tribe-less (instead of Tribeless).
      One more question, related to the specialty priests: are there reversed necromantic spells?

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