Specialty Priests for Non-Human Gods, Part II

For reference, here are the gods that just have shamans:
Kuraulyek (Kobold/Urd)
Gorellik (Gnoll)
Surminare (Selkie)
Laogzed (Troglodyte)
Ramenos (Bullywug)
Semuanya (Lizard Man)
Sess’Innek (Lizard Man)
Squerrik (Lycanthrope/Wererat)

And here are the gods who have no listed priesthoods:
Skiggaret (Bugbear)
Stalker (Goblinoid)
Zinzerina (Drow)
Diirinka (Derro)
Diinkarazan (Derro)
Ilsensine (Illithid)
Gzemnid (Beholder)
Diancastra (Giant)
Baphomet (Minotaur)
Kostchtchie (Frost Giant)
Jazirian (Couatl)
Koriel (Ki-rin)
Remnis (Giant Eagle)
Water Lion (Unknown)
Stillsong (Unknown)
Parrafaire (Naga)
Shekinester (Naga)
Io (Dragon)
Aasterinian (Dragon)
Bahamut (Dragon)
Chronepsis (Dragon)
Faluzure (Dragon)
Tiamat (Dragon)
Cegilune (Hag)
Kanchelsis (Vampire)
Mellifleur (Lich)
Balador (Lycanthrope/Werebear)
Ferrix (Lycanthrope/Weretiger)
Daragor (Lycanthrope/Werewolf)
Eshebala (Lycanthrope/Werefox)
Titania (Faerie)
Oberon (Faerie)
Caoimhin (Killmoulis)
Damh (Satyr/Korred)
Eachthighern (Unicorn/Pegasus)
Emmantiensien (Treant)
Fionnghuala (Swanmay)
Nathair Sgiathach (Faerie Dragon)
Squelaiche (Leprechaun)
Verenestra (Dryad)
Queen of Air and Darkness (Faerie)

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