Trishina the Waverider

Sorry for the delay on this one. When writing about Trishina, I drew heavily upon what had been written for Deep Sashelas, since the two faiths are so closely intertwined. I also based aspects on Eldath, since I saw that there are a number of similarities between their faiths and attitudes. Overall, Trishina was another really fun one to write, and gave an opportunity to explore some aspects of cetacean culture, including some very unusual ones in the Spelljammer setting.

Trishina (PDF Version)
(The Waverider, Mistress of Games, the Joyswimmer, the Dolphin Queen)
Lesser Power of Elysium and Mount Celestia, LG

Portfolio:                 Love, fidelity, children, play, protection, dolphins, cetaceans
Aliases:                     Ri’daa’trisha (Shalarin)
Domain Name:           None/Wanders
Superior:                   None
Allies:                       Ahto, Deep Sashelas, Eadro, Eldath, Istishia, Manannan mac Lir, Nesirie, Njord, Osprem, Persana, Procan, the Seldarine, Stronmaus, Surminare, Syranita, Valkur, Water Lion, Xerbo, various Animal Lords
Foes:                           Blibdoolpoolp, Demogorgon, Panzuriel, Sekolah, Umberlee
Symbol:                     Dolphin with calf
Wor. Align.:             LG, NG, CG, LN, N, CN

Trishina (trish-EE-nuh) is the goddess of dolphins and other cetaceans, as well as serving as a patron of sea elves alongside her consort, Deep Sashelas; together they are known as the Dolphin Queen and the Dolphin Prince. As the Mistress of Games, she embodies enjoyment and love of life, and the expression of such through joyful acts of play. She is pacifistic in nature, valuing life tremendously, but in her role as a great protector of life, she will fight to defend those unable to defend themselves, most especially children, but also the weak, sick, and injured. She also prefers to judge individuals by their actions rather than race or appearance, and advocates teaching and mercy to convince villainous creatures of the error of their ways.

Through her relationship to Deep Sashelas, Trishina is an honorary member of the Seldarine, but her primary focus, like that of her consort, is the alliance of aquatic powers known as the asathalfinare. This group works together to avoid disputes between their peoples, as well as to share learning and to oppose the collective enemies of their races. Within the group, she acts as a moderating voice when territorial disputes get out of hand or when talk of violence or revenge against their collective enemies gets too heated. Because of her disposition, however, when even she agrees military action is necessary, the other members are certain to take notice and add significant weight to her statements. Outside of the asathalfinare, the Waverider maintains a close relationship with the Torilian goddess Eldath, in part since both of them value peace and pacifism. Of the Seldarine, Trishina is quite close to Aerdrie Faenya and Sehanine Moonbow, both of whom treat her as a sister, and are always quick to invite her to their realms. On the other hand, Hanali Celanil views her as something of a rival as sea elves have increasingly turned to the Joyswimmer in their prayers for love and marriage. This rivalry is not a hostile one, however, as each goddess has a friendly demeanor and a passionate love of life.

The Dolphin Queen’s opposition to the villainous powers of the deep is based not on hatred, but on a deep sadness that they do not share her love of life and joy in living, and seek primarily to destroy that which they disagree with. She typically only takes direct action against these enemies, however, when they lead or direct their followers in attacks that result in the deaths of children. It is believed that the great enmity between the dolphins and Sekolah’s sharks and sahuagin is the direct result of the Great Shark’s slaughter of hundreds of captured calves and Trishina’s enraged counterattack. Umberlee, the Sea Queen of Toril, despises the Joyswimmer and her followers for their repeated rescues of drowning sailors, whom the Bitch Queen views as her rightful due sacrifice for allowing sailing ships into her domain. As a result, the Dolphin Queen has allied herself with Umberlee’s rival on Toril, Valkur the Mighty, patron of sailors and sailing.

A great many myths are told of Trishina, most of them being comedic tales of her stymying her consort’s straying affections. The tales show she has an uncanny knack for spotting the targets of his wandering eyes, and warning off the object of his desire. In a handful of tales, the Joyswimmer does not discover Deep Sashelas’ amorous exploits until after the fact; in these stories, she typically appears to quietly but firmly drag him home, despite his protests, much to the amusement of his fellow Seldarine. Both sorts of tales are popular subjects of theater troupes throughout sea elven communities.

One of the more active goddesses, Trishina’s avatar can be spotted on a wide number of worlds throughout the known spheres, protecting her people and rescuing those in danger. Any time the Dolphin Prince dispatches an avatar to defend an aquatic elven community against an attack, there is a strong likelihood the Dolphin Queen’s avatar will appear as well, especially if Sekolah is involved. She may also accompany other members of the asathalfinare in defensive actions or rescue operations.

Trishina’s Avatar (Druid 29, Water Elementalist 24)
Trishina typically appears as a very pretty young sea elf female with light bluish skin tinged with green and long, silvery hair or as a female dolphin with two-toned silvery-grey skin, and she can change between the two forms at will. She can use spells from any school or sphere except elemental fire, but prefers elemental water, protection, healing, and abjuration spells. She never uses the reverse of spells in the healing, necromantic, or sun spheres.

AC 2; MV 9, Sw 36; HP 139; THAC0 2; #AT 1
Dmg 2d8 (buffet) or 1d6 + 4 (trident +3)
MR 35%; SZ M (5 feet tall or 6 feet long)
Str 14, Dex 17, Con 17, Int 17, Wis 20, Cha 22
Spells P: 12/12/11/11/9/9/7, W: 6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6/5*
Saves PPDM 2, RSW 3, PP 5, BW 7, Sp 4
* Numbers assume one extra elemental water spell per spell level.

Special Att/Def: Trishina typically wields Guardian Fluke, a trident of defense +3. In addition to the powers of a sword of defense, it also has the powers of a mace of disruption that can even affect avatars. She always carries a net of snaring that shrinks down to a three-inch square mesh that fits in a small pouch when not in use. She is also likely to have Coralguard, a dagger of defense +4, although she has been known to loan it out to priests in great need.

The Waverider can summon 2d10+10 cetaceans three times per day; they will serve her for a minimum of six hours each, but frequently stay as long as she needs their assistance. Typically she summons dolphins, orca, or sperm whales, depending on the situation and the environment. No cetacean will attack another in her presence, regardless of what sorts of magical influence they may be under, and attempting to force them to do so allows an immediate saving throw vs. spell with a +4 bonus to throw off the spell effect. She can cast the following spells four times a day while in the water: sleep (affects four times the hit dice it normally does), hold monster, and feeblemind. Once per day she can permanently change the alignment of any single creature within 60 feet to lawful good; a successful saving throw versus spell negates the affect, and extraplanar creatures are not affected.

The Dolphin Queen can only be hit by weapons of +1 or greater enchantment. She is also completely immune to poison, energy drains, caused wounds, and death magic. She permanently radiates protection from evil, 20′ radius, and is always protected by a minor globe of invulnerability.

Other Manifestations
Many of the Dolphin Queen’s manifestations are similar to those of her consort, Deep Sashelas. Just as he does, she manifests as a distant beacon of light to lead elves and cetaceans to safety, while leading enemies and predators astray, often into danger of their own.

Bubble-rings are a favored method of Trishina’s for communicating with her non-dolphin followers. To warn communities of nearby danger or imminent attack, she’ll cause a small rent to appear in the sea floor, causing bubble-rings to be released. Instead of dissipating, they spin faster and faster, and any of her priests who look through the center will see a vision of the specific dangers. In less dire circumstances, the Waverider will cause a bubble-ring to circle down from above (immediately indicating it is a non-natural occurrence), and any sentient sea creature she allows to come in contact with it will be surrounded by tickling bubbles and receive a message from the goddess in the form of a vision.

The Mistress of Games takes a much more direct form of communication with her dolphin followers by sending direct telepathic messages and warnings. All dolphins will immediately recognize her voice, and it cannot be emulated enough by any spell to fool them.

Trishina is served primarily by cetaceans of all kinds, particularly balaenas, dolphins, leviathans, orca, porpoises, and blue and sperm whales. In addition, she counts aballins, asrai, delphons, einheriar, noviere eladrins, nereids, water elementals, and zoveri amongst her servants as well. It is believed that delphinids, great dreamers, and kindori, cetacean creatures found only in wildspace and the Phlogiston, are also counted amongst her followers, but this has yet to be confirmed. Her favor is demonstrated through the discovery of aquamarines, rare blue and silver corals, blue-hued pearls, exceptionally beautiful spiral shells, and water opals. Her displeasure is indicated most commonly by an exceptionally loud cetacean click that seems to come from nowhere.

The Church
Clergy:                      Clerics, mystics, specialty priests, water elementalists, bards
Clergy’s Align.:      LG, NG, CG, LN
Turn Undead:           C: Yes, Mys: No, SP: Yes, WEle: No, B: No
Cmnd. Undead:         C: No, Mys: No, SP: No, WEle: No, B: No

All clerics, mystics, and specialty priests of Trishina receive religion (asathalfinare), religion (elf, aquatic), and religion (cetacean) as bonus nonweapon proficiencies.

The Mistress of Games’ priests are beloved and highly respected throughout aquatic elven communities, and well regarded amongst followers of most other good and neutrally aligned aquatic deities. Her priests are known as defenders of the weak, innocent, and young regardless of race, and are especially valued for it. Virtually every aquatic elven community will have priests of the Joyswimmer serving alongside the priests of Deep Sashelas. As Trishina is the Dolphin Prince’s consort, surface elves include her as an honorary member of the Seldarine and treat dolphins with a similar degree of respect. Humans who sail and fish waters inhabited by the Waverider’s followers also deeply respect her priests, as they believe it is her teachings that cause dolphins to so often assist stranded and endangered sailors and fishermen. The priesthoods that serve such men, such as Valkur, Osprem, and Njord, maintain close contact with Trishina’s priests where possible.

Temples to the Dolphin Queen are constructed much as those of Deep Sashelas are; in fact, many communities have a single temple to both deities. Depending on the local resources, they may be built of stone and resembling great spiral shells, living coral, or located in natural undersea caves. Interior chambers will be lit with continual light spells in soft intensities. In communities that are large enough to have a separate temple to Trishina, they serve as havens for the lost and injured, as well as a place of enjoyment and artistry. They will frequently have well-crafted statuary and mosaics lining the walls. All of the Waverider’s temples will have a performance area open to the sea above, where acrobatic displays by dolphins and aquatic elves are performed to the delight of children and temple visitors, with dolphin bubble-rings being particular favorites. Cetacean followers of the Dolphin Queen do not build temples for obvious reasons, but they will dedicate holy areas for gatherings and services. Only those deeply familiar with cetacean religious practices will recognize such areas, however.

Novices of the faith are known as Foundlings, while full priests are known as Delphinias. Collectively, all clergy are known as the Riders of the Waves. Each settlement, collection of settlements, or cetacean super pod (depending on the population density and political cohesion of the area) will be led by a single dolphin high priestess with a Wisdom of 18 and the title of Wisest of Those Who Dance Amongst the Waves. Each community will have an organized hierarchy, with titles such as Swimmer, Jumper, Flipper, Breacher, Spinner, and Waverider. Ranks above these have unique titles, often related to their specific duties, or with an additional descriptor (such as Grand Spinner or Senior Breacher). Specialty priests of the Dolphin Queen are called wavedancers. Over half of the priesthood is composed of dolphins and other cetaceans (55%), with the remainder being sea elves (38%), sea half-elves (4%), shalarin (1%), malenti (1%), and various other races such as tritons and mermen (1%). The vast majority of the clergy are composed of specialty priests (60%) and clerics (30%). Mystics (6%) often serve as wandering mediators, dealing with minor disputes between individuals, while the small contingents of water elementalist wizards (3%) and bards (1%) most often devise and perform entertainment acts within communities. Amongst the Joyswimmer’s dolphin clergy, there is a slight majority of females (55%) to males (45%), whereas the overwhelming majority of her humanoid clergy are female (90%).

Dogma: The children are the future; protect them, nurture them, and allow them to learn through play. Defend them to your utmost, and show no mercy on those who would wantonly slay children. Understanding and kindness can break down the barriers that divide us, and turn those of a villainous heritage to virtue. Show mercy and kindness towards the helpless and injured. Enjoy life to the fullest, and encourage others to do so as well. Brighten everyone’s lives with play, dance, and music.

Day-to-Day Activities: Trishina’s clergy has a great love of life, and they always strive to enjoy it and bring enjoyment to others. They frequently hold athletic competitions and performance art events within their temple compounds and clergy members always participate if possible. The most popular events are dolphin acrobatic displays and elven plays. They are also great lovers and creators of art and sculpture.

Every temple is required to take in abandoned and orphaned children and attempt to find good homes for them. Priests are always required to intervene to protect the weak and helpless, and as such, they frequently act as mediators within their communities. All they expect in return are for those who benefit from the Dolphin Queen’s kindness to perform the same acts towards any creature in need that they should encounter.

Important Ceremonies/Holy Days: Artistic creation, be it sculpting, theater, dancing, or complex bubble-ring blowing are viewed as individual religious devotions to Trishina, and are usually preceded and followed by silent prayers. The Waverider’s clergy share many of the same important rites as the clergy of Deep Sashelas, with High Flow and Deep Ebb, events timed to coincide with extreme high and low tides, being the most important. High Flow is marked by exuberant displays of acrobatics, such as spinning, bubble-ring blowing, and symphonies of singing sea elves and dolphins. Deep Ebb on the other hands is a solemn affair marked with singing and stories of remembrance of those loved ones, particularly children, who’d died since the previous ceremony.

Major Centers of Worship: The Caldera of the Dancing Dolphin, located atop Mount Delphion on the outskirts of the city of Thunderfoam in the Trackless Sea north of Evermeet on Toril, is a great holy site dedicated to Deep Sashelas and Trishina. This large natural amphitheater is the setting for near-daily games, athletics, concerts, and plays dedicated to the Dolphin Queen. While the largest volcanic dome on the undersea mountain is the major center of worship for Deep Sashelas, there are three far smaller domes surrounding it, each dedicated to the Mistress of Games.

Upon Oerth, the Lendore Isles contain a great number of aquatic elven cities and lesser communities. The second largest of these cities, Sorylmel, contains the most significant temple to Trishina near the Flaeness. It is a sprawling coral structure that hosts a dozen different stages for concerts, acrobatics, and other events, as well as hosting the oldest of the Mistress of Games’ foundling shelters within the Known Spheres. Due to this temple, fully half the residents of the city are dolphins.

Within the seas of the world of Karpri in Realmspace is an odd dynamic. While the world contains both aquatic elves and cetaceans, only the cetaceans actively become priests of the Waverider. They are known to have a number of sites that are holy to their goddess, but they do not share their locations even with the elves.

The elliptical water world of Conatha, located in the Greyspace crystal sphere, is home to another community of solely-cetacean worshippers of Trishina. These cetaceans, the Conathan dwarf orca, have one major holy site located upon one of the small earth bodies near the center of the world; it is believed avatars of Trishina and Eadro each appeared here to defend the allied mermen and Conathan dwarf orca communities from a major sahuagin incursion, led by an avatar of Sekolah. The site is not easily recognizable by those unfamiliar with cetacean and merman religious practices, in part to prevent defilement by raiding sahuagin.

Affiliated Orders: As pacifists, the Trishinan church sponsors no military orders. They maintain support roles for a number of Deep Sashelas’ orders, however, and a few priests of the Mistress of Games can be found in those organizations’ headquarters.

All major aquatic elven communities will contain an orphanage called the Joyswimmer’s Foundlings; all young orphaned creatures are welcome within their coral walls. These facilities will invariably be run by an elderly female dolphin priestess of Trishina, and staffed by lower-ranking priests and priestesses of various races, many of who grew up at the very same facility or one like it. The vast majority of malenti accepted into elven communities grow up in these facilities.

The Mediators of the Dolphin Queen are a group of followers of Trishina who work to mediate disputes between non-evil undersea communities. Their order is highly respected beneath the waves, and is always given considerable leeway in their arbitration missions. Each group of arbitrators works as pentad team lead by an elderly dolphin priest or priestess, and the junior members will be of almost any race, although aquatic elves and aquatic half-elves are most common.

A number of small pods of dolphin-riding sea rangers operate with a very loose affiliation to the Trishinan church, hunting down those who have kidnapped or slain children, as well as rescuing any good or neutral creature that is in danger from sahuagin, koalinths, and other evil predators of the sea. They operate outside of the temple hierarchy, however.

Priestly Vestments: Non-cetacean priests of Trishina wear loose-fitting robes of either a shimmery silver material or shades of blue, layered to evoke light filtering through the shallow depths of the sea.

Adventuring Garb: As Trishina’s clergy rarely adventure, they are unlikely to wear armor, even when allowed. This is also partly due to the restriction it places on underwater movement and their own pacifism. They prefer simple forms of clothing popular with the people of their undersea community when travelling or not performing religious ceremonies.

Specialty Priests (Wavedancers)
Requirements:          Wisdom 14, Charisma 10
Prime Req.:                Wisdom, Charisma
Alignment:                LG, NG, CG
Weapons:                   Dagger, net, trident
Armor:                       None
Major Spheres:         All, animal, elemental (air, earth, water), guardian, healing, necromantic, plant, protection, sun, time, wards, weather
Minor Spheres:         Divination, travelers
Magical Items:         Same as clerics
Req. Profs:                Singing or artistic ability
Bonus Profs:             Acrobatics

  • Wavedancers can be aquatic elves, dolphins, aquatic half-elves, malenti, or shalarin.
  • Wavedancers are not allowed to multiclass.
  • Wavedancers are pacifists. They cannot attack except to defend themselves, their companions, the weak, and the young, regardless of species. They may only initiate attacks if they have firsthand knowledge that an enemy has willfully slain young creatures. Those wavedancers who seek to bend the will of the goddess to their own ends soon find themselves without priestly abilities.
  • Wavedancers receive a +2 to their attack rolls against any enemy that is known to have willfully harmed young creatures of any species.
  • Wavedancers do not receive experience for slaying enemies. Instead, they receive experience awards for defending the young, the weak, and the helpless.
  • Non-dolphin wavedancers can speak and understand the language of dolphins, despite the higher sounds employed.
  • Wavedancers can pray for all spells from the sphere of protection as if they were one spell level lower (i.e., protection from evil, 10′ radius is prayed for as if it were a 3rd-level spell rather than a 4th-level spell).
  • At 3rd level, wavedancers can cast sanctuary (as the 1st-level priest spell) once per day.
  • At 5th level, wavedancers can cast dimension door (as the 4th-level wizard spell) once per day.
  • At 7th level, wavedancers can cast dispel evil (as the 5th-level priest spell) once per day.
  • At 10th level, wavedancers receive a permanent +1 to their Wisdom and Charisma scores.
  • At 12th level, wavedancers can cast holy word (as the 7th-level priest spell) once per day.

Trishinan Spells
Priests of the Waverider may cast the 2nd-level priest spell nurture (affecting aquatic or semi-aquatic mammals, reptiles & amphibians, piscine creatures, and invertebrates rather than mammals, reptiles, and avians), detailed in Powers & Pantheons in the entry for Hathor, the 3rd-level priest spell summon cetacean, detailed in Demihuman Deities in the entry for Deep Sashelas, the 4th-level priest spell improved sanctuary, detailed in Demihuman Deities in the entry for Cyrrollalee, and the 7th-level priest spell cetacean form (which cetacean priests can reverse into aquatic elf form), detailed in Demihuman Deities in the entry for Deep Sashelas.


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  2. Trishina says:

    Hi! To whoever wrote this, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I just want to say that this made me smile. I googled my name just because, (It’s Trishina) and saw “The Church of Trishina”. Just had to click on it. Really got a kick out of it! Makes me almost want to get into this game. Have a wonderful evening.

    • AuldDragon says:

      Wow, that’s neat! I didn’t know Trishina was was real name. The goddess was originally created by Carl Sargent in 1992, and I suppose it’s possible he knew someone with the same name. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my expansion on her information. :)

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