Stillsong the Singing Sphere

Stillsong is a very unusual entity, apparently transitioning from one state to another. What he was before, and what he is to become is unknown. He grants no spells and has no priesthood, and represents a wandering benevolent force throughout the planes.

Stillsong (PDF Version)
(The Singing Sphere, the Music of the Spheres, the Transitional One, the Sphere of Song)
Unknown Power Level of the Planes, NG

Portfolio:                 Unknown
Aliases:                     None
Domain Name:           None/Wanders
Superior:                   None
Allies:                       Aerdrie Faenya, Akadi, Bragi, Koriel, Melira Taralen, Milil, Syranita
Foes:                           None known
Symbol:                     Translucent golden crystal sphere
Wor. Align.:              LG, NG, CG, LN, N, CN

Stillsong (STILL-song) is a mysterious and enigmatic being. His existence is known only from his manifestations, and these do not correspond to any known divinity who resides on the Outer or Inner Planes. However, as the planes are infinite, some sages have speculated that the Sphere of Song’s divine essence is hidden in some undiscovered corner of one of the elemental or upper planes. His portfolios are unknown, but are speculated as being peace, song or music, beneficence, and air.

How Stillsong fits into the makeup of the multiverse is unknown. Questions to deities of good and knowledge go unanswered, so it is left to mortal sages to ponder the meaning of his appearances. He has been making appearances throughout the upper planes and on the various worlds of the Prime Material plane for at least a few centuries, and he appears to have manifested on some of the elemental planes as well. Prior to his current manifestation, there are intriguing references to similar elemental manifestations of water, earth, and fire, but it is pure speculation as to whether these are connected to the being now known as Stillsong. The current consensus held by sages in Sigil who study the nature of the divinities of the multiverse is that the Sphere of Song is a god in transition through the elemental phases, preparing himself to be judged, although judged by who is still up for debate. The theory holds that this now-forgotten deity drowned on the Elemental Plane of Water and was reborn, crushed on the Plane of Elemental Earth and regrown, and finally on the Plane of Fire, he was burned and purified. He is believed to be in the final stage of his transition.

Stillsong is apparently known to a number of deities, for his manifestations have occurred in connection with the appearance of certain avatars. In particular, he is believed to have some connection to the deities Milil, Bragi, Syranita, Aerdrie Faenya, Akadi, and Koriel, but exactly what the connection may be is unknown. Those who’ve made requests of information from these deities have gotten no response, leading many sages to believe the true nature of Stillsong is for the gods themselves to know, and is beyond mortal ken. Some sages believe there is also a connection between Stillsong and the enigmatic Water Lion; perhaps that watery deity was a former ally of Stillsong before his transition, and searches to this day for his old friend, or perhaps he is a remnant portion of Stillsong’s old self, left to wander the oceans in search of his other half.

Stillsong can be encountered almost anywhere on the Prime Material plane, the upper planes, or the elemental plane of Air. He is most commonly found along the banks of the river Oceanus, perhaps indicating an ancient and nearly forgotten connection to water. It is speculated that he aids and guides good-aligned mortals in need, leading them to safe havens or healing, while protecting them from foes.

Stillsong’s Manifestation (Unknown Levels; HD Equivalent 18; Magic use as 25th level)
Stillsong manifests as a sphere of unearthly beautiful song, unheard beyond his 40-foot diameter. The music sounds different to every creature hearing it, with some describing a chorus of voices beyond any mortal’s ability, sublimely rapturous melodies, or infinite melodies of heart-rending beauty.

AC unknown; MV Fl 144 (A); HP 144; THAC0 unknown; #AT special
Dmg special
MR special; SZ G (40-foot diameter sphere)
Str N/A, Dex N/A, Con N/A, Int N/A, Wis N/A, Cha N/A
Spells see below
Saves PPDM 3; RSW 3; PP 4; BW 4; Sp 4

Special Att/Def: Any creatures who hear Stillsong’s music stand entranced so long as the sphere is stationary, and for 1d6 rounds thereafter. A saving throw versus spell with a −10 penalty is allowed to negate the effect. Entranced creatures are unable to engage in any hostile action for the duration, regardless of the target. Neutral good creatures who hear the song and fail a system shock roll permanently gain 1 point of Wisdom, and all good aligned creatures are affected by Stillsong’s music as if hearing the song of a 20th-level bard (for the purposes of morale, etc.).

Three times per day, Stillsong’s manifestation can affect emotion (hope) with its song, or cause fear on evil creatures. Once per day, Stillsong can change the key of his song and cause a time stop that lasts for 1d6+1 rounds, or until his manifestation moves. In addition, Stillsong can change the key of his song again to create a holy word once per day. At will, Stillsong’s music can affect a music of the spheres within the radius of his manifestation. Finally, three times per day, the Sphere of Song can leave behind a 20-foot radius globe of invulnerability when it leaves, which persists for 1d6+3 rounds.

Stillsong is immune to mind-affecting spells and psionics, as well as all elemental air and fire spells. Since his manifestation is non-corporeal, no weapons can affect him, nor spells and psionics which primarily affect the body (e.g. enfeeblement, poison, cause disease, etc.).

Other Manifestations
Stillsong occasionally manifests in small ways to help good-aligned creatures. Such manifestations typically take the form of distant music or singing at night; when those creatures awaken, they find created food and water, or even a Mordenkainen’s magnificent mansion containing a heroes’ feast if the creatures are desperately in need.

Stillsong’s manifestation is often accompanied by delphons when it appears along the banks of the River Oceanus; elsewhere on and off the upper planes he is often accompanied by moon dogs. When he manifests in wildspace, he is often accompanied by the colorful, musical spheres called the Gonnlingdaah (aka Gonn). There is some speculation that other appearances of these creatures are by the will of Stillsong, but whether this is true or not is unknown. Stillsong is not known to display favor or displeasure in any way, nor is he known to act through, or be served by, any creatures other than those listed above.

The Church
Clergy:                      Cultists may be of any class other than priests or rangers and paladins past 9th level
Clergy’s Align.:      LG, NG, CG, LN, N, CN

In the wake of Stillsong’s passage, cults sometimes spring up to worship this being. They are usually short-lived, evaporating quickly as individuals realize he grants no spells, and communicates nothing to the faithful. There are no known examples of other deities masquerading as the Singing Sphere, not even gods of trickery or deceit; it seems there is some force that discourages or prevents this behavior. While always considered strange, misguided, or eccentric, they are often on reasonable terms with deities of peace and music, although these established churches try to convert cult members away from Stillsong’s worship, or at least be ready to accept the disillusioned.

Good and neutral bards who encounter a manifestation of the Sphere of Song often feel inspired and try to duplicate the song heard, with varying results. All such compositions are the palest imitation of what Stillsong produces, but most are exceptionally beautiful on their own terms. In addition, no two compositions are alike, even when the same manifestation is heard by two different bards.

Dogma: As Stillsong has no permanent priesthood and communicates nothing to his followers, the beliefs and tenets of his cult varies widely. They typically espouse a belief in peace and the magic of music, as well as wanderlust and the discovery of ancient hidden knowledge.

Day-to-Day Activities: While they last, cults of the Singing Sphere usually promote the musical arts, particularly the performance of such music for the public. They encourage the widespread distribution of calming and peaceful music, and are often of a pacifistic demeanor.

Important Ceremonies/Holy Days: As all cults of Stillsong are impermanent, there are no universal rites or holy celebrations amongst them. Celebrations marking the date of Stillsong’s first appearance are common, but rarely last more than a decade before being altered or forgotten.

Major Centers of Worship: Stillsong has no known holy sites or temples.

Affiliated Orders: Cults of the Singing Sphere never last long enough to form martial or monastic orders. A rare few bardic colleges revere him in addition to their normal deities, but generally only if a member has been lucky enough to encounter one of his manifestations and been inspired by it.

Priestly Vestments: Cults of the Transitional One tend to adopt attire that brings to mind music or air in their native culture. The cults never last long enough to adopt a truly cohesive set of raiment, however.

Adventuring Garb: Followers of Stillsong wear whatever they deem appropriate when traveling or adventuring. They usually favor weapons that incapacitate or are defensive in nature, with mancatchers, nets, and quarterstaves most common.


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