No Deity This Month, Other Updates

I’ve been rather busy this month and wasn’t able to complete a deity unfortunately, but for those looking for other AD&D things involving me, I appeared as a guest host on episode 141 of the THACO’s Hammer Podcast (I last appeared on episode 84). You can get the podcast on iTunes, or from their website here.

In addition, for those unaware (since I don’t advertise it much here), I am currently running a 2nd Edition Spelljammer game that is livestreamed on every Saturday at Noon Eastern Time (GMT-4 during the summer). Past broadcasts are available on my Youtube Channel in the Playlist category Dungeons & Dragons Actual Play Sessions.

2 Responses to No Deity This Month, Other Updates

  1. Tony says:

    We all get busy.i love your work and look forward to these.

    Im hoping you do demogorgon and panzuriel soon.

  2. Barastir says:

    Good you’re busy, although I DO love your work and look forward for your next entries. I’m specially waiting for your take on Remnis.

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