Kanchelsis the Lord of Vampires

October 1, 2022

Just in time for the Halloween season comes the Lord of Vampires, Kanchelsis! He is a dual-natured deity, both a sophisticated, high-society bon vivant and a wild creature of brutal hunts and violence. This duality is the same as that held by vampires within mortal, living society.

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Keptolo the Eager Consort

September 1, 2022

Originally published in Dragon Magazine #298 for 3rd Edition, Keptolo offered a nice alternative to Vhaeraun and Selvetarm for male drow living within the matriarchal societies of Lolth-worshipping drow, and had some connections with another deity I plan to work on Zinzerena. Further, he had no strong connections or contradictions with other material, so he was a great candidate for writing up as a 2nd Editions deity. Enjoy!

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Olhydra the Princess of Evil Water

August 1, 2022

Another of the Archomentals, Olhydra is the Archomental of Evil Water. She is possibly the closest of all of the archomentals to becoming a true deity, given her diverse array of worshipers. However, she is still not yet a true power, and thus cannot grant spells above 3rd level at this point as with the other archomentals. Read the rest of this entry »

Mad Mage Adaptation: The Cuttlefish

July 23, 2022

The Dungeon of the Mad Mage features a ship called the Cuttlefish, which is essentially just the Lamprey Ship deckplan, scaled to 10-foot squares and with tentacles on the front and different fins. So I thought, why don’t I write it up as a new 2e ship?

This is intended to be a new ship inspired by the one in Mad Mage, rather than a conversion. I’ve edited the original maps to be used as a deckplan, although ideally I would like to re-do them entirely to give it a better internal layout that is different from the original Lamprey Ship.

*Note: Stats below assume an additional cargo deck below the main deck.

Built By:  Illithids
Used Primarily By:  Humans, illithids, goblinkin
Cost:  40,000 gp
Tonnage:  40
Hull Points:  40
Crew:  10/40
Maneuverability Class:  D
Landing—Land:  No
Landing—Water:  Yes
Armor Rating:  5
Saves As:  Thick Wood
Power Type:  Series helm; lifejammer; major or minor helm
Ship’s Rating:  2–5 or as per helmsman
Standard Armament:  4 medium ballista (1-F, 1-FP, 1-FS, 1-A)
Cargo Capacity:  20 tons
Keel Length:  210′
Beam Length:  50′

Description:  A recent ship design of the illithids, the Cuttlefish uses a scaled up hull of a Lamprey Ship as the base, but with an additional cargo deck below the main deck. This vessel is primarily operated as a bulk cargo hauler, but many are favored by illithid pirates who have struck off on their own. An advantage this vessel has over the original Lamprey is that it is capable of landing in water, giving it a greater flexibility in where it can be used. The removal of the cone ram, and lessened maneuverability due to its increased bulk render it less useful as a warship, however.

Mythrien Sarath, the Watcher over Mythals

July 1, 2022

An older elven power, but one who has lost much of his status, Mythrien Sarath is the power who oversees mythal magic, abjurations, and protection. With his lone avatar trapped on the Prime Material Plane after a botched ritual to restore his loss of standing, he now broods in his castle in Arvandor.

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Cthonspace: An Underdark Sphere

June 1, 2022

Cthonspace is an unusual sphere in that the interior is solid earth and stone, with a great number of large, planet-sized caverns and tunnels large enough for spelljamming ships to travel through. There sphere exists outside of the Known Spheres, and is inhabited by a variety of underdark races. The tunnels maintain gravity on all the surfaces, as well as atmospheres, although the larger tunnels are often airless voids in the center. Because of the large amount of rock in the sphere, all tunnels are full of loose floating asteroids of various sizes, few larger than a ship, though. Vast mushroom forests cover the walls of the tunnels; many species of which can be dried and used just as well as wood can outside the sphere. Other mushrooms glow slightly, giving the illusion of pale stars from a distance, along with softly glowing gems. Within the sphere exist three goblinoid ports which serve the same purpose as Bral, being somewhat cosmopolitan centers of trade and adventure.

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Juiblex the Faceless Lord

May 1, 2022

Another of the Tanar’ri lords elevated to godhood, Juiblex is the Demon Prince of Ooze. Patron of aboleths and intelligent amorphs, the Slime Lord has inscrutable and unknown goals, keeping mainly to itself and not even participating in the politics of the Abyss. On the Prime Material Plane, it is also favored by insane cultists or those desiring power. Read the rest of this entry »

Cryonax the Prince of Evil Ice

April 1, 2022

While not a true deity, Cryonax and the other archomentals cultivate small followings to further their ambitions against their enemies on the Inner Planes. The cults are small as yet, but may grow with time. As only uniquely powerful near-powers, the archomentals can only grant up to 3rd level spells to their followers on the Prime Material Plane, unless they appear in person. Read the rest of this entry »

Kirith Sotheril the Magess

March 1, 2022

The next member of the younger generation of elven deities originally published in Dragon Magazine #155 (and updated in #236), Kirith Sotheril specializes in the subtle magics of divination and enchantment magic, and represents the piercing of illusions and lies to reveal the truth. She is seen as a bright, enchanting lady who favors scintillating colors and magical lights as well.

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Mellifleur the Lich-Lord

February 1, 2022

The sweet-sounding but dire Lich-Lord Mellifleur is the god of liches, elevated to godhood through a cosmic accident. Due to the circumstances of his elevation, he acts against the villainous deity, or deities, whose power he inadvertently stole, and as such he occasionally can be an ally to some good powers. Read the rest of this entry »