Second Edition Deity Spreadsheet

I started this project quite a while ago, and I’m now up to my seventh revision of the spreadsheet; it is essentially done now. I don’t anticipate making many more changes to the columns and sheets besides just adding in and completing entries. A lot has changed since my first release, and it is a lot more colorful now. I’ve gone fully to the multi-sheet layout, so there is no longer a single-sheet version. I’ve removed a lot of various duplicate data (which unfortunately got the full list below 1000 entries), although I still have dupes for various gods that have different aspects in the generic setting and Forgotten Realms (and some other settings). I also added individual entries to the References page for the aliases of the gods, so it is easier to find them by those names.

Anyway, here are the latest versions in Excel 2003 and 2007 format:
Excel 2003 format
Excel 2007 format

I’d welcome any information people can add, as well. Let me know what you think. :)

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  1. .backslash says:

    Hey Auld, great work, can’t imaging how long this took to compile.

    However, you seem to be missing the Oriental Adventures/Kara-Tur pantheon. The main reference for it would be *Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms *, which is a very late 1e product, but still relevant to 2e as these gods are later referenced in the few 2e OA adventures.

    • AuldDragon says:

      I recall looking through the product and not seeing named deities. Got any page references? Thanks! :)

      • .backslash says:

        Sure, the Celestial Emperor and Nine Immortals are enumerated on pp. 24 – 25. See also ‘Faiths of Shou Lung’ on p. 26, ‘The Guardians of the Path’ on p. 28, and the origin myth on pp. 29 – 31.

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