Specialty Priests for Non-Human Gods, Part VI: Seas and Skies

With those earlier larger chunks of deities looked at, it’s time to move onto some of the smaller groups. This time it is the gods from the “seas and skies” grouping. Basically, these are all the gods of the non-humanoid creatures that fall into this category. I’m once again pretty iffy on creating priesthoods for these gods, since their followers tend to be much farther afield from what one normally expects to find in normal priesthoods.

Jazirian – The Couatl, while highly intelligent, don’t strike me as overly religious. I don’t think their relationship to their god would be very similar to humanoid relationships with gods, but more like a parent/child relationship (albeit, older/adult children).

Koriel – Unlike Dolphins, pegasi, and unicorns, I don’t think Ki-rin would form priesthoods, and I’m not sure Koriel would have a priesthood amongst humans/demihumans. However, I do think it likely he would be the patron of a small group of paladins, since he is a god of justice.

Remnis – Remnis takes a great interest in his giant eagles, so it is entirely possible he would grant priest spells. I’d certainly treat them similarly to Dolphins. They’re also be servants to their eyries and their god, and act as protectors of eagles, which fits his portfolio well.

Water Lion & Stillsong – These two are somewhat difficult to pin down. However, I do think that Water Lion is very suitable to having a priesthood. In particular, I think it would contain specialty priests, crusaders, and rangers of many sentient races (mostly aquatic), who are strongly opposed to sahuagin and sharks. Stillsong, on the other hand, probably has no priesthood and does not answer prayers made to him.

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