Legends & Lore: A Few Thoughts

I’ve been looking over Legends & Lore (2nd Edition) to get some ideas in my head for what I will eventually do with the deities presented in it, and I must say, the gameplay information is pretty lackluster. The avatars are fairly statistically unimaginitive and unvaried, the specialty priest abilities and requirements are both very basic and at times rather overpowered (quite a few get a daily Raise Dead, and I can’t really see why; another priesthood immediately advances to 11th level upon gaining 10th). And the circles gained by priests (especially in the Native American mythos) are abysmal! (Priests of Sun have major access to All, Sun, and minor access to two others. *That’s it.*) Anyway, I’ll probably revamp them almost entirely when I get around to working on them.

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  1. Papercut says:

    Don’t forget the Planescape book On Hallowed Ground. It is said to be a much better reference than L&L, although it does not have specialty priests (I believe).

  2. AuldDragon says:


    Yeah, I have that book, and will be using it for many of the deities, and no, it has no specialty priest information. The best thing about it is that includes information on the 1st ed pantheons that were not included in the 2nd ed Legends & Lore, such as the Finnish pantheon.

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