Let’s Play! “Pool of Radiance”

I should probably post this here, since it is somewhat related, being an AD&D blog and all.  :) I started doing a Let’s Play (recorded commentary of a playthrough of a game, basically) of the first SSI Gold Box 1st Ed AD&D Game, Pool of Radiance. I’ll probably be playing through all the Gold Box games at some point, including the Buck Rogers games. Anyway, for those who are interested, you can access the playlist on Youtube. I try to upload a few episodes each day, so keep checking channel or the playlist for updates. I hope you enjoy it!

2 Responses to Let’s Play! “Pool of Radiance”

  1. bobobby says:

    hi i,m new to playing por ? love your video on you tube so got the game.ie windows 7? game is on cd gamefest forgotten realms .i try to load it ,but it intstalls ,then press play and says no ?could you please show me how to unlock this,and run on does ? how did you fo yours many thanks keep up the good work regards bobby

  2. AuldDragon says:

    You need to use DOSBox. It’s too old to run under any recent version of Windows.

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