The Seldarine in Space

My latest Spelljammer article, detailing how the elvish pantheon relates to Spelljammer is now live at the Wildspace blog.

2 Responses to The Seldarine in Space

  1. Alzrius says:

    That was an excellent article! However, I’m surprised that the “other deities worshiped by elves” section didn’t mention Paladine.

    While none of the Krynnish deities are race-specific, Paladine is creator of elves in that sphere, and is something of their unofficial patron (similar to the dwarves and Reorx). I’ve always imagined that there’d be something of a religious conflict between elves who hold him to be the sole “true” elven deity and those who worship the Seldarine.

    • AuldDragon says:

      I don’t see Krynnish deities playing virtually any role outside of Krynnspace (heck, their influence is reduced just by leaving the planet). I think elven priests who left Krynnspace to proselytize would receive messages from their deities along the lines “what are you doing out there? I need you back here.” Any non-priests who started something would be looked at as provincial hicks who don’t know how things really work.

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