Remnis the Great Lord of the Eagles

Flying through the skies of the upper planes is the Great Lord of the Eagles, Remnis. He is said to be the ultimate aerial hunter, and with his great eyesight, he spies out secrets throughout the planes. He perches on the heights of Mount Celestia and in the boughs of the World Tree Yggdrasil, awaiting the call to service.

Remnis (PDF Version)
(Great Lord of the Eagles, Windlord, King of All Birds)
Lesser Power of the Beastlands, N(G)

Portfolio:                 Giant eagles, sky, service
Aliases:                     None
Domain Name:           Krigala/Goldenroost
Superior:                   None
Allies:                       Aerdrie Faenya, Akadi, Azuth, Brandobaris, Corellon Larethian, Koriel, Krocaa, Muamman Duathal, Phaulkon, Shaundakul, Stronmaus, Syranita, the Seldarine, various animal lords
Foes:                           Pazuzu
Symbol:                     Giant eagle’s head with green eyes
Wor. Align.:              LG, NG, CG, LN, N, CN

The great lord of the eagles, Remnis (REHM-nis), is said to be the greatest aerial hunter in the multiverse. His vision stretches to the horizon, and few things escape his notice as he wings his way through the skies of the upper planes, the Outlands, Limbo, and Elemental Air. He hunts prey throughout the Beastlands, taking only what he needs and what can be spared. His loyalty is legendary, and it is said he perches atop Mount Olympus awaiting the call to service from those he has promised to aid.

There is much speculation over the origin of Remnis. Some sages claim he was the first of the intelligent giant eagles, granted divinity by ancient deities he chose to serve. Others say he was born from the faithfulness of the mortal eagles, representing their greatest qualities. Still others claim that he was once no more than the Eagle Lord on the Beastlands, whose frequent visits to mortal eagles on the Prime Material Plane lead to worship by those beings, bringing about his ascent to true divinity. Whatever his origin, his mythology is intrinsically tied to that of many other powers, but he keeps the secret of his ancient history to himself.

Remnis is known in the mythology of many other deities, in most of which he serves faithfully as a friend and ally. Elven myth frequently features him as a minor actor, especially depicting him as an aide and confidant of Aerdrie Faenya, and as a mount a martial comrade of Corellon Larethian. His alliance with the Seldarine appears to be among his oldest, likely due to the overlapping concerns between himself and the Winged Mother. Similar, his appearances in aarakocran myth is so common and ancient that he can almost be considered a part of their pantheon; indeed, among aarakocra with no myths of Krocaa, Remnis serves similar functions in their stories and is sometimes linked romantically to the Mistress of the Aarakocra. He is often depicted in storm giant myth as perched on Stronmaus’s shoulder, or within his castle as a wise and well-informed friend. In one myth he is incongruously depicted as Stronmaus’s mount in an aerial battle against a wyverns-riding Memnor, a position more often occupied by Koriel. Besides myths describing him as an aide or mount for various deities, the other common category of stories about the Lord of the Eagles depicts him as coming to a timely rescue as repayment for some earlier assistance by the power being rescued. Known myths of this type include the adventurous dwarven power Muamman Duathal, Azuth the High One, the Rider of the Winds Shaundakul, and Kaldair Swiftfoot (an alias of Brandobaris). In these myths, the foes of the deity in question have pursued them into some high place, such as a mountain peak or exceptionally tall tree; things look grim until at the last moment, Remnis appears to whisk the deity away to safety. Finally, on worlds that worship the Aesir, it is said Remnis perches among the top boughs of the World Tree Yggdrasil, listening to the messages Ratatoskr carries to him from down below. Myths among the giant eagles themselves often contain variations on all of these aforementioned stories, although the focus is always on Remnis.

As might be expected, Remnis is closely allied to many of the deities he is mythologically linked to. Unexpectedly, he appears to harbor no particular ill will towards the foes of his allies, facing them only as a comrade in arms. He does not seek out battles with them on his own, so long as they do not threaten his followers or interfere in his concerns. The only power he shows any inclination to act against is Pazuzu, the Demon Prince of the Lower Aerial Kingdoms, for that fiend seeks to corrupt all creatures that fly the skies of the Prime Material Plane. This, as much as any other reason, is why Remnis maintains his alliances with powers he isn’t depicted as serving, such as Aerdrie Faenya, Syranita, Akadi, and Phaulkon. Should Pazuzu turn his gaze elsewhere, it is likely Remnis would leave him be. Of course, those he battles against with his allies don’t share this narrow-focused pragmatism, and many of them consider him an enemy. He has also earned the ire of many who keep secrets, for few things can be kept from his powerful eyesight as he flies the skies of the Outlands, the Upper Planes, Elemental Air, and the Prime Material Plane.

The Great Lord of the Eagles is quite active on the Prime Material Plane. He sends his avatars to guard and defend communities of giant eagles beset by those wishing to harm them or their eggs. His avatar may also appear as an omen or warning, or to lead eagles to a safe eyrie or charge their community with a task. He also appears to take a last flight with a wise elder of an eagle community, and advise them on which younger members have the qualities to take over the mantle of leadership.

Remnis’s Avatar (Paladin 28, Cleric 14)
Much like his favored followers, Remnis takes the form of an enormous golden eagle. He typically has a wingspan of 55 feet, and his eyes are a brilliant emerald green. His feathers, beak, and talons are always impeccably clean. He draws his spells from the spheres of all, animal, combat, divination, healing, protection, sun, and weather.

AC 0; MV Fl 90 (MC A); HP 177; THAC0 −7; #AT 2 or 3
Dmg 1d12+6/1d12+6/2d12 (talon/talon/beak)
MR 20%; SZ H (20 feet long)
Str 18/00, Dex 16, Con 18, Int 19, Wis 18, Cha 19
Spells P: 8/8/7/6/3/2/1
Saves* PPDM 1; RSW 3; PP 2; BW 2; Sp 4
* Includes paladin +2 save bonus to a minimum of 1.

Special Att/Def: Remnis typically attacks from the air with his talons. If both of his claws successfully hit, he can lift a Large-sized creature and fly away with it; he can lift two man-sized creatures or smaller if they are within 5 feet of each other. Humanoid creatures have a 65% chance to have their arms pinned in such a maneuver. If he performs a dive of greater than 50 feet, he gains a +4 bonus to his attack roll and his talons deal double damage dice (2d12+6 each). Remnis only strikes with his beak at creatures grasped in his claws should they fight back, or if he finds himself in a locale where he cannot easily fly.

With a single beat of his wings, Remnis can create a fire storm, ice storm, repulsion in a 30-foot radius, or a 20-foot radius fear effect once per day. Natural avians will never attack him, even if magically compelled, and he can cause fear in natural, giant, magical, and semi-avian creatures at will. Those of semi-intelligence or less are allowed no save against this effect.

The Great Lord of the Eagles is immune to poison, paralyzation, nonmagical weapons, and all magic which directly negates or adversely affects his ability to fly (levitation, web, wingbind, etc.). He is never surprised, and is always under the effects of true seeing.

Other Manifestations
The Great Lord of the Eagles manifests his power infrequently on the Prime Material Plane, favoring direct appearances instead. When he does, it is to protect a follower or elder eagle from significant harm. Such effects typically take the form of a feather fall or protection from normal missiles spell. He is also known to send a ghostly golden image in the form of an eagle that leads a follower to some important destination, such as a place of safety or a creature in need of aid.

Remnis is served by normal and giant birds of prey of all sorts, particularly eagles, falcons, hawks, kestrels, kites, osprey, and rocs. He is also served by aarakocra, aasimon, air elementals, asperii, asuras, avariel, avoral guardians, cloud giants, griffons, hippogriffs, hollyphants, kenku, simurgh, spirits of the air, storm giants, and sylphs. He shows his favor through the feel of a gentle breeze on the face when there should be none, an ecstatic feeling of soaring on the winds when not doing so, and the discovery of emeralds and untarnished gold. He makes his displeasure known through the feeling in the pit of the stomach of a sudden fall when one is not falling, complete but momentary blindness, and the immediate tarnishing of discovered gold.

The Church
Clergy:                      Clerics, specialty priests, druids
Clergy’s Align.:      NG, CG, N, CN
Turn Undead:           C: Yes, SP: No, D: No
Cmnd. Undead:         C: No, SP: No, D: No

All clerics, specialty priests, and druids of Remnis receive religion (eagle) as a bonus nonweapon proficiency.

The church of Remnis is highly respected amongst the avian races, as well as non-avian communities with close ties to nature and the sky. While they tend to keep to themselves, should they become involved in the affairs of others, they are seen as honorable and helpful. When a service or good deed is performed for them, they will remember for generations, and ensure the debt is paid appropriately, even if those who performed the deed insist no reciprocation is necessary. They almost always maintain friendly contact with neighboring aarakocra and avariel communities, but rarely maintain permanent contact with other communities or faiths.

Giant eagles in the service of Remnis build no temples, favoring only simple shrines in their eyries decorated with valuable items received from allies or found in their domains. They favor golden items and emeralds if they can find such objects. Worshipers of other races tend to build temples and shrines in styles favored by their races; iconography usually consists of paintings, tapestries, statues, or other artistic creations suitable to their race that represent eagles both perched and in flight.

Novices of Remnis are called Fledglings. Full priests are known as Wind Servants. In ascending order of rank, priests of the Great Lord of the Eagles are called Spotted Harrier, Grey Kestrel, Brown Falcon, Red Kite, Black Hawk, and Golden Eagle. High priests within the faith are granted unique individual titles by Remnis through dreams or waking visions. Most members of the priesthood are giant eagles (78%), with a small but significant sect of aarakocra (15%), as well as a handful of avariel (4%), kenku (2%), and other races filling out the ranks. Specialty priests (77%) comprise the majority of priesthood, with clerics (20%) and a small number of mountain druids (3%) as the remainder. The clergy of Remnis is pretty evenly split between males (56%) and females (44%).

Dogma: Fly the winds and observe the world. Share your discoveries with friends and allies; information that is intentionally hidden but spied out should be free as a bird on the wing. Should someone do you a good service, ensure that service is returned; failing to repay a good deed shows a lack of honor. Do not seek out conflict, but be there with claws and beak ready should it hunt for you.

Day-to-Day Activities: Members of Remnis’s clergy have few direct duties. They share their knowledge with other members of the community, and serve as a conduit for messages from the Great Lord of the Eagles. They are often leaders or elders within their community, and serve as ambassadors to friendly, neighboring communities. Many are the best hunters and scouts in their community, especially if young or relatively new to the priesthood.

Important Ceremonies/Holy Days: Remnis does not demand any services from his clergy, nor are there any rituals he expects. The priesthood often gives prayers to him when hunting, and ask for guidance on how to best pay back good deeds they have received.

Major Centers of Worship: In the hidden land of Esmerin, located within the Lortmils mountain range on Oerth, resides a pair of giant eagle communities allied to an isolationist community of halflings and stone giants. These eagles tell a tale of being led to the valley by an avatar of Remnis at a time when a military force from the now-destroyed Suel Imperium threatened the community with discovery. Remnis landed on the highest peak and indicated to the eagles that they were to assist in the defense of the community so long as the halflings and giants wished, and so the eagles have remained there ever since. To this day, they consider this peak, now known as Remnis’s Perch to both of the allied communities, to be holy and a place of reverence and quiet contemplation. In addition, the emerald artifact within the center of Esmerin is called by the eagles the Eye of Remnis, although this name is not shared by the halflings and stone giants.

Affiliated Orders: While the Remnite church sponsors no martial or military orders, the giant eagle clergy have been known to serve as mounts and companions of both non-eagle Remnite clergy and allied elven and dwarven faiths, especially those of Corellon Larethian and Muamman Duathal.

Priestly Vestments: Among Remnis’s eagle clergy, no special accoutrements are worn for ceremonies and services. The Lord of Eagle’s other followers favor feathered robes or cloaks died brown and gold, with green highlights. The feathers for these garments are most commonly taken from non-predatory birds such as geese or pheasants, although cast-off eagle feathers are used when possible. The holy symbol of the priesthood is either an emerald or a single cast-off golden eagle tail feather.

Adventuring Garb: Non-eagle followers of Remnis prefer light utilitarian clothing and gear that does not restrict movement. Such clothing is typically adorned by many eagle feathers, but only those cast off from a live bird. They will never knowingly use feathers from a slain eagle.

Specialty Priests (Aquilaugur)
Requirements:          Wisdom 12, Charisma 12
Prime Req.:                Wisdom, Charisma
Alignment:                NG, N
Weapons:                   All piercing and slashing (wholly type P or S and P/S), any missile weapons, plus mancatcher
Armor:                       Padded, leather, or elven chain, no shield
Major Spheres:         All, astral, charm, combat, divination, elemental air, guardian, healing, summoning, travelers, weather
Minor Spheres:         Animal, protection, sun
Magical Items:         Same as clerics, plus see below
Req. Profs:                Weather sense
Bonus Profs:             Hunting

  • Aquilaugurs may be giant eagles, aarakocra, avariel, or kenku. As an option, other avian or partially avian creatures capable of becoming priests may become aquilaugurs.
  • Aquilaugurs are not allowed to multiclass.
  • Aquilaugurs are completely immune to magical blindness.
  • Aquilaugurs can cast all non-restricted priest spells specifically related to birds, regardless of sphere, and may use any magical items related to birds regardless of class restrictions.
  • Aquilaugurs can cast feather fall (as the 1st-level wizard spell) once per day.
  • At 2nd level, aquilaugurs can cast animal friendship (as the 1st-level priest spell) or cause fear (as the reverse of the 1st-level priest spell remove fear) once per day. Both of these powers function only on normal and giant avians, as well as magical, monstrous, or partly avian creatures. All other restrictions of the spells apply.
  • At 4th level, aquilaugurs can cast gust of wind (as the 3rd-level wizard spell) once per day.
  • At 6th level, aquilaugurs can cast protection from normal missiles (as the 3rd-level wizard spell) once per day.
  • At 8th level, aquilaugurs can cast animal summoning I (as the 4th-level priest spell) once per day. Only avians can be summoned with this power.
  • At 10th level, aquilaugurs can cast flight of Remnis (as the 4th-level priest spell) once per day.
  • At 12th level, aquilaugurs can cast ice storm (as the 4th-level wizard spell) once per day.
  • At 15th level, aquilaugurs can cast true seeing (as the 5th-level priest spell) once per day.

Remnite Spells
In addition to the spells listed below, priests of the Great Lord of Eagles can cast the 1st-level priest spell speak with avians, detailed in Demihuman Deities in the entry for Aerdrie Faenya, the 3rd-level priest spell bird of prey, detailed in Powers and Pantheons in the entry for Anhur, and the 4th-level priest spell flight of Remnis, detailed in Demihuman Deities in the entry for Aerdrie Faenya.

1st Level
Rending Beak (Pr 1; Alteration)
Sphere:                    Combat
Range:                     0
Components:           V, S
Duration:                 3 rds. + 1 rd./level
Casting Time:          4
Area of Effect:         The caster
Saving Throw:        None

With this spell, the caster’s beak and talons are magically sharpened, allowing them to pierce flesh and armor that they might otherwise not be able to. For the duration of the spell, all of the caster’s natural attacks with a beak and/or talons strike as a +1 weapon, gaining that bonus to hit and damage as well. An additional +1 bonus is added after every five levels the priest has gained (so +2 at 6th, +3 at 11th, etc.). This spell has no effect on the natural attacks of non-avian creatures.

2nd Level
Bond of Service (Pr 2; Enchantment/Charm)
Sphere:                    Guardian
Range:                     Touch
Components:           V, S
Duration:                 Special
Casting Time:          5
Area of Effect:         Creature touched
Saving Throw:        None

When this spell is cast, the priest creates a bond between two individuals. This bond alerts the casting priest when certain conditions are met regarding the second individual. The caster learns exactly what the situation is, and has a general sense of where the creature is, both direction and distance in miles, rounded to the nearest 10 if further than 10 miles away. The conditions set by the caster must fit in a single, complete, relatively simple sentence, and up to one condition per level of the caster can be named. Conditional statements, such as “when the creature is trapped on a mountain or in a tree,” cannot be set for the spell; such conditions would require two separate statements to work properly. Should a priest try such a statement, only the first part of the condition is applied. Statements such as “when the creature is injured to less than half hit points” or “when the creature suffers any injury” can be set.

This spell lasts until one of the conditions is met and the priest is alerted, or until one year has passed. The priest can cast this spell on any number of other individuals, but he can maintain only one bond of service with a particular creature at a time; a second casting automatically fails.

3rd Level
Eagle Vision (Pr 3; Alteration)
Sphere:                    Animal
Range:                     Touch
Components:           V, S
Duration:                 8 hrs.
Casting Time:          1 rd.
Area of Effect:         Creature touched
Saving Throw:        None

This spell confers the ability to see as if the recipient was wearing eyes of the eagle. This gives vision 100 times greater than normal at distances of 1 foot or more. The creature can see objects at 2,000 feet as clearly as it could normally see them at 20 feet.

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