Shami-Amourae, the Demon Princess of Eros

Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes Shami-Amourae, the Demon Princess of Eros and the Lady of Delights! Originally appearing in Dungeon #5 and updated to 2nd Edition with the Dungeon anthology The Road to Danger, Shami-Amourae is much like the succubi she claims dominion over. In 3rd Edition she was supplanted by another tanar’ri, but that figure does not appear in any 2nd Edition sources that I could find, so I stuck with the Lady of Delights as described in the above two products.

Shami-Amourae (PDF Version)
(The Lady of Delights, Queen of Succubi, Demon Princess of Eros)
Demipower of the Abyss, CE

Portfolio:                 Debased eros, seduction, temptation
Aliases:                     Shazra, Jezebel
Domain Name:           The 133rd Layer/Carnival of Carnality
Superior:                   Demogorgon
Allies:                       Demogorgon, Graz’zt, Pan, Tlazolteotl
Foes:                           Aphrodite, Baldur, Chalchihuitlicue, Chih-Nii, Eshebala, Freya, Hanali Celanil, Hera, Ishtar, Kanchelsis, Laerme, Liira, Myhriss, Sharess, Sune, Verenestra
Symbol:                     Blood-red lips with protruding fangs or image of a succubus
Wor. Align.:             N, CN, LE, NE, CE

The Lady of Delights and self-styled Queen of the Succubi, Shami-Amourae is one of a small set of powerful tanar’ri lords who have achieved true divinity. The Demon Princess of Eros represents the unleashing of repressed desires and lusts unfettered by societal constraints, as well as temptation and seduction of the pure and innocent into the ways of hedonism and pleasure.

Shami-Amourae is said to have originally been one of the first sorceresses on the Prime Material Plane. After her death, she was reborn as a larva in the Abyss, but even in this form her great drive and ambition wasn’t lost. From this lowly position she was promoted to a quasit and then up through the demonic ranks until she became a succubus, a rank she found suited her quite well. Shami-Amourae excelled in her tasks and reveled in the freedom being a succubus allowed her, and amassed a considerable amount of influence among the other succubi until she was able to claim the title of Queen of their kind without contest. However, the Lady of Delights does not truly rule all succubi; their independent nature mostly just means that there are none others powerful enough to wrest the title from her. Her exploits and skill have earned her a modicum of respect from other princes and lords of the Abyss.

Despite her status as Demon Princess of Eros, Shami-Amourae serves another of the great Abyssal powers, Demogorgon. Some rumors claim this service was the price for her apotheosis from just a powerful tanar’ri to a truly divine being, while others claim this apotheosis was a reward for willing service to the Prince of Demons. Whatever the case, she truly does serve Demogorgon, apparently faithfully, and has carried out a number of his requests without complaint. Things may not be as they seem, however, for Shami-Amourae is widely believed to be consorting with Demogorgon’s rival, Graz’zt. What exactly the nature of this association is, and whether it has any elements in opposition to the Prince of Demons’ plans is not known.

Outside of her fellow tanar’ri, the Lady of Delights has few allies. She has a positive relationship with Pan due to their shared love of debased revels, and she has worked closely with Tlazolteotl to tempt mortals into adultery and vice. Her foes, on the other hand, are quite considerable. She is not friendly towards all such deities, however. She sees both Kanchelsis and Eshebala as rivals for her power, in part since both reside in the Abyss. Some legends say Kanchelsis spurned her advances, earning him the eternal enmity of the Lady of Delights. Similarly, Baldur is said to have been immune to her charms and seen through her illusions, earning him much the same result as the Lord of Vampires. Beyond these, she has unsurprisingly found herself at odds with a wide variety of powers who promote love, fidelity, and positive pleasure seeking.

Unlike most demipowers, Shami-Amourae has the ability to dispatch her avatar to the Prime Material Plane freely. She spends much of her time cultivating and visiting her cults, collecting sacrifices and participating in extreme debauchery. While she does on occasion travel about alone in order to seduce male humanoids, she vastly prefers being surrounded by adoring servants and worshippers.

Shami-Amourae’s Avatar (Enchantress 24, Cleric 19, Fighter 12)
Shami-Amourae typically appears as a tall, voluptuous woman with white skin, red lips, and golden hair that is thick and luxurious. However, her demonic nature is readily apparent in this form from a pair of large bat-like wings that sprout from her back and eyes that glow with malefic light. She can take a variety of humanoid forms to better move among other races; however, in no case does she ever take a male form or manifest with a Charisma score below 22. She most commonly appears wearing scandalously revealing garments of the highest quality cloth, but only uses a bare minimum of elegant jewelry. She draws her spells from all schools and spheres, but she prefers non-damaging magics of manipulation and illusion over those that cause direct harm.

AC −5; MV 24, Fl 36 (B); HP 169; THAC0 8; #AT 2
Dmg 1d6/1d6 (fingernail rake)
MR 85%; SZ M (6 feet tall)
Str 18/00, Dex 20, Con 19, Int 18, Wis 20, Cha 22
Spells P: 12/12/10/10/6/4/2, W: 6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6/5*
Saves** PPDM 2, RSW 2, PP 2, BW 2, Sp 2
* Numbers assume one extra enchantment/charm spell per spell level. ** Shami-Amourae makes all saves on a 2 or better

Special Att/Def: The Lady of Delights dislikes engaging in melee, preferring to use her magic and charm to manipulate creatures into not attacking or redirecting their violence towards others. Failing that, she is likely to retreat; only if that is impossible will she engage in combat. In such a situation, she can energy drain with a touch; if that is ineffective, she will rake with her sharp fingernails for 1d6 points of damage.

At will, the Queen of Succubi can cast charm monster, charm person, clairaudience, clairvoyance, darkness, 15ʹ radiance, ESP, infravision, plane shift, shapechage, suggestion, teleport without error, and trap the soul. Once per day Shami-Amourae can alter the Charisma score of any individual by 1d4 points up or down; this change is permanent unless she decides otherwise. Once every two days she can cast a wish spell. Finally, she can gate to her location her personal retinue of six succubi (all with maximum hit points, and named Aicha, Alukah, Eisheth, Jahi, Meridiana, and Phryne) or any single tanar’ri except those who rule entire layers or realms.

Shami-Amourae is struck only by weapons of +3 or greater enchantment, unless they are weapons wrought of cold iron, in which case they can strike her if they bear a +1 or greater enchantment. She is completely immune to fire, electricity, and poison, and suffers half damage from cold and gas attacks. She makes all saves on a 2 or better.

Other Manifestations
The Queen of Succubi rarely manifests her power, vastly preferring to make direct appearances and experience the pleasures of the Material Plane personally. When she cannot appear in person and wishes to communicate with her followers, the Lady of Delights sends messages in dreams, daydreams, and hallucinations which tent to be extremely erotic. The messages can end up being pleasurable or painful, depending on the nature of the message.

Shami-Amourae is served primarily by alu-fiend, marilith, and succubi tanar’ri, as well as allura, centaurs, incarnates of envy and lust, least and lesser tanar’ri, lhiannan shee, satyrs, sirines, tieflings, and werefoxes. The Lady of Delights is capricious and is inconsistent in showing her favor. When she does, it tends to take the form of unprompted blissful feelings and sensations that effectively paralyze a follower with the sensation for 1d4 rounds. Her disfavor, on the other hand, is swift and brutal. Those who have failed her or disappointed her in a great way are often spirited away to the Abyss by her minions, or otherwise destroyed in a painful manner. As she is quite capricious and prone to jealousy, she has been known to eliminate priests who become too alluring (an increasing likelihood for each point of Charisma over 18).

The Church
Clergy:                      Clerics, specialty priests, mystics, enchanters
Clergy’s Align.:      CN, LE, NE, CE
Turn Undead:           C: No, SP: No, Mys: No, Enc: No
Cmnd. Undead:         C: Yes, SP: No, Mys: No, Enc: No

All clerics, specialty priests, and mystics of Shami-Amourae receive religion (Shami-Amourae) as a bonus nonweapon proficiency.

Only in lands where worship of demonic forces is common and open can cults of Shami-Amourae gain any sort of public recognition. Otherwise they are invariably secret and hidden, typically among high society members of large urban centers. They may disguise their activities by participating in legal or semi-legal operations such as festhalls and taverns, although just as often they will completely hide their activities from public view. Those churches that focus on romantic love and pleasure in positive ways, as well as those that oppose tanar’ri and demonic cults hunt down Shami-Amourae’s followers whenever they learn of their existence. For their part, those who worship the Lady of Delights subtly undermine the positions of these churches at every opportunity as well as more direct actions like seducing and corrupting members or capturing their followers to sacrifice to the Queen of Succubi.

Temples of the Lady of Delights are rarely public structures. They tend to be hidden underground or in secluded locations with nondescript exteriors. Inside is another matter; temples are richly decorated with expensive materials whenever possible. Fine wood paneling, marble and granite accents, and lavish tapestries abound. Most importantly, however, is the art that adorns the walls and tables of the holy sanctuary. Lewd paintings, sculptures, friezes, tapestries, and mosaics abound, depicting scenes of such debauchery that  would cause even the most worldly or experienced individuals to blush. Dominating the worship chamber is an altar of jet-black metal upon which sacrifices are made. A small hidden cell is located just off the worship chamber that can hold a sacrifice until the appointed time. Shrines are much more rare than full temples, often constructed in the private quarters of members of a temple. The shrines typically feature a single image of debauchery that is particularly favored by the individual.

Novices in the service of Shami-Amourae are known as Libertines, while full priests are known as Carnalists. The clergy as a whole is known as the Disciples of Delight. There is no formal hierarchy within the priesthood of the Queen of Succubi, with individuals tending to be deferential towards those who have been members longer, at least nominally. Realistically, an informal hierarchy is built up based simply upon which members are more likely to issue orders, and which members are likely to follow those orders. It is not uncommon to find cults in which a charismatic and commanding younger member dominates through sheer force of will. Specialty priests are called seductresses and seductors. Overall the clergy of the Lady of Delights appears egalitarian, with similar numbers of males (57%) and females (43%). However, individual cults commonly to favor one gender over the other by a three-to-one margin, depending on the gender of the founder. While most followers of the Lady of Delights are humans (40%) or half elves (16%), elves (10%), tieflings (6%), alu-fiends and cambions (2%), succubi (1%), sirines (1%), and a smattering of other races (4%) can be found in Shami-Amourae’s cults. Clerics (58%) and specialty priests (34%) dominate the clergy of the Queen of Succubi, with mystics (4%) and enchanters (4%) making up the remainder, and are sometimes independent of any cultic center.

Dogma: Vice is virtue, and experiencing physical pleasure is the greatest gift that mortals possess. Your own pleasure is the highest goal, explore it and pursue it. Be open-minded towards new forms of pleasure and experience it all. Let no limits be placed on your own pleasure. Open the world of pleasure for others by any means you can.

Day-to-Day Activities: Most members of the cult of Shami-Amourae tend to live hedonistic lives exploring every sort of physical pleasure they can imagine. Depending on the local mores, they may have to do so in secret, but in such cases, this is often the impetus for a local cult to form. If necessary, they masquerade as upstanding citizens, and conduct themselves as expected by their neighbors.

Important Ceremonies/Holy Days: The only formal ceremony followed by the cult as a whole is the Night of Sublime Delight. Held on the night of the full moon, this ceremony is a debauched and hedonistic affair that can actually last several days and nights, especially in the largest cults. It culminates in the sacrifice of a male human, half-elf, or elf at the midnight hour. The cults hold that this creature joins with Shami-Amourae in her boudoir, so handsome males are most favored, but in desperate times any male of those races, or similar races, will do. Failing to offer a sacrifice is a grave offense to the Lady of Delights, and she has been known to exact punishment by spiriting offenders away back to her realm in the Abyss.

Major Centers of Worship: No major temples dedicated to the Lady of Delights are known to exist. Small temples can be found in a number of evil nations on many worlds, including Thay on Toril and the lands of Iuz on Oerth.

Affiliated Orders: The church of Shami-Amourae sponsors no martial or monastic orders, although a number of cults operate or sponsor brothels and festhalls as a way to fund their activities.

Priestly Vestments: Dark robes are the formal religious attire of the clergy of the Lady of Delights when performing their monthly sacrifices. These robes are typically adorned with red or silver fabric on the edging and waist, and hoods are common. These robes are typically removed to reveal alluring or lurid outfits of high quality, designed to accentuate an individual priest’s best features. The holy symbol used by the clergy is a disk inscribed with a pair of parted female lips.

Adventuring Garb: When not in their temple, most members of Shami-Amourae’s faith try to blend in with their local society, favoring the latest fashions in flattering cuts. If they must engage in battle, they prefer to use non-restricting armors and weapons that are easy to use such as staves or maces.

Specialty Priests (Seductresses/Seductors)
Requirements:          Wisdom 9, Charisma 15
Prime Req.:                Wisdom, Charisma
Alignment:                CE
Weapons:                   All bludgeoning (wholly type B) weapons plus dagger, knife, lasso, mancatcher, net, scourge, whip
Armor:                       Any up to chain, no shield
Major Spheres:         All, astral, chaos, charm, creation, elemental (fire), healing, necromantic (reversed), protection, summoning, travelers
Minor Spheres:         Animal, combat
Magical Items:         Same as clerics
Req. Profs:                Dancing, etiquette, or singing (choose one)
Bonus Profs:             Whip, rope use

  • Seductresses and seductors must be humans, elves, half-elves, tieflings, or tanar’ri. At the DM’s option, other humanoid races that might be considered traditionally attractive to humans or elves (such as aasimar, centaurs, satyrs, etc.) may be allowed to become seductresses or seductors.
  • Seductresses and seductors are not allowed to multiclass.
  • Seductresses and seductors can take any Charisma-based proficiencies without crossover penalty.
  • Once per day, seductresses and seductors can cast charm person (as the 1st-level wizard spell); elves and half-elves do not receive their normal resistance against this ability. At 5th level, seductresses and seductors can cast this twice per day, and at 10th level, they can cast it three times per day.
  • At 3rd level, seductresses and seductors can cast change self (as the 1st-levelwizard spell) or darkness, 15ʹ radius (as the 2nd-level wizard spell) once per day.
  • At 7th level, seductresses and seductors can cast suggestion (as the 3rd-level wizard spell) three times per day.
  • At 9th level, seductresses and seductors can cast domination (as the 5th-level wizard spell) once per day.
  • At 15th level, seductresses and seductors can cast energy drain (as the reverse of the 7th-level priest spell restoration) once per week. This drained life energy is sent directly to Shami-Amourae, and any humanoid completely drained with this ability becomes a manes in Shami-Amourae’s realm in the Abyss, regardless of their alignment.

Shami-Amouraean Spells
In addition to the spells listed below, priests of the Lady of Delights can cast the 2nd-level priest spell bliss, detailed in Faiths and Avatars in the entry for Lliira.

3rd Level
Pain to Pleasure (Pr 3; Alteration)
Sphere:                    Charm
Range:                     30 yds.
Components:           V, S, M
Duration:                 1 rd./level
Casting Time:          6
Area of Effect:         1 creature
Saving Throw:        Neg.

By means of this spell, the caster alters the sensation of a single target so that all pain they suffer becomes pleasurable. For the duration of the spell, the target will provoke others into attacking them, and if already engaged in melee, they eagerly put themselves into danger. Individuals under the effect of this spell becomes invigorated with each successful damaging attack against them, gaining a +1 bonus to their attack rolls on the following round, to a maximum bonus equal to the level of the priest who cast this spell. For example, a warrior under the effect of a pleasure to pain spell engages in battle with a group of orcs, four of whom manage to strike the warrior. The next round, any attacks made by the warrior gain a +4 bonus to the attack roll.

A creature under the influence of this spell is not forced into making stupid decisions, and they do not shed their armor or throw themselves into the teeth of a dragon. They desire the pleasure of the pain but do not wish for death. They are not forced to forgo their normal defensive protections and maneuvers, although they may choose to do so. However, they do lose a sense for how injured they are, as these indicators have been turned towards pleasure, and fight on ignoring all damaged sustained. The DM should secretly record a character’s hit points should they be affected by this spell, marking off damage without telling the player the exact number received. Healing is also applied in secret as well; they should give vague indications to other players as to the state of the character without making it clear just how injured they are. At the expiration of this spell, all damage is applied to the character’s hit point total at once, as if taken in a single massive blow. If this damage is greater than 50 points, a saving throw versus death is necessary to avoid death from massive damage. Healing performed on the character while under the effects of this spell reduce that damage total. For example, if a warrior under the effects of this spell suffers a series of hits for a total of 24 points of damage, and somewhere within that time period they received a cure light wounds spell for 3 hit points, when this spell expires they suffer a total of 21 points of damage. While under this spell, an individual can fight until they are reduced to -10 hit points. Any further damage instantly kills the target.

The material component for this spell is the priest’s holy symbol.

Temptation (Pr 3; Enchantment/Charm)
Sphere:                    Charm
Range:                     30 yds.
Components:           V, S, M
Duration:                 Special
Casting Time:          1
Area of Effect:         1 person
Saving Throw:        Neg.

This spell is similar to the charm person spell, but instead of feelings of strong friendship in a target creature, it creates amorous feelings towards the caster. The target will believe that they and the caster are in an illicit love affair, and will act accordingly. Defending their supposed lover and arguing on their behalf are common acts, while some creatures affected by the temptation spell may get jealous if they believe the caster is showing too much affection towards another individual. Those individuals who have taken vows of celibacy or chastity or similar oaths, as well as those in committed, loving relationships gain a saving throw bonus between +1 and +4 depending on the strength of their bonds. Similarly, those who have shown a proclivity towards physical pleasure, promiscuity, or oath breaking suffer a saving throw penalty between −1 and −4. This spell functions in all other ways as the charm person spell. Followers of Shami-Amourae often use this spell to tempt followers of rival faiths into relationships and then arrange for them to be caught, ruining their social standing.

The material components for this spell are the priest’s holy symbol and a dose of any sort of aphrodisiac.

7th Level
Rite of the Succubus (Pr 7; Alteration, Conjuration/Summoning)
Sphere:                    Creation, Summoning
Range:                     0
Components:           V, S, M
Duration:                 Instantaneous
Casting Time:          6 days
Area of Effect:         The caster
Saving Throw:        None

This powerful spell permanently changes the caster into a succubus tanar’ri. The caster keeps their personality and memory, but loses any classes and levels they possess, becoming a standard succubus (see the Planescape Monstrous Compendium). Despite the loss of class levels, the advantages of immortality and circumventing the lower ranks of the tanar’ri are quite clear for those who desire advancement in the ranks of the fiends. Casting this spell is irreversible except by means of a wish spell.

This spell can only be granted through a direct appearance by Shami-Amourae or her avatar and the complete energy draining, by her or followers, of a humanoid creature. Further, as part of the casting process, 6 HD worth of humanoids must be sacrificed during the extended casting ritual. Finally, unbeknownst to the caster of this spell, Shami-Amourae is immediately made aware of the true name of the newly formed succubus as soon as the spell is successfully completed.

In addition to the sacrifice, rare incenses worth 5000 gp must be burned for the entire duration of the casting time.

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