No Deity Again This Month

Hey folks, I’m really sorry to say that I haven’t been able to complete a deity again this month. I’ve been suffering from depression these last few months and have not been able to be as productive on writing as I would like. I’ll have it ready for next month, however!

7 Responses to No Deity Again This Month

  1. Coleman L Mooney Jr says:

    Sorry to here that, hope you find a good happy place. I look forward to your work every 1st of the month.

  2. Rémi Jonquière says:

    I’m sorry to hear that too, and I hope you have people around you to express yourself and find support in this depression. Your work on this site is of a very high quality and I am also very grateful to you for that.

  3. Itikar says:

    Be well, and don’t worry. I hope you will feel better soon. <3

    A hug and a big thanks for all the outstanding write-ups in these years. Your blog has become my monthly fix since a few years.

  4. Barastir says:

    Hope you get better soon, hugs from Brazil. I am a huge fan of your work and always tell other AD&D fans about it.

  5. Kobold Fan says:

    Take your time man, your health comes first.

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